What to Know about Healthy Dessert Recipes

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by Christine Szalay-Kudra

Maybe the idea of dessert is something you prefer not to dwell on, since it makes you think of all kinds of sweet, creamy, gooey goodies, which are banned from your diet because you want to lose weight. Perhaps you feel that it is ironic how the better something tastes, the more calories it seems to contain.

If you do, you will be delighted to hear that it is possible to make mouthwateringly good dessert recipes, which are healthy, and some are almost calorie free. If you know about the history of desserts, you will know that desserts have been eaten in many forms for centuries.

Desserts Through History

Each culture has its own idea about what constitutes a satisfying dessert. Sesame, red beans, and lotus are often used in Chinese desserts. Honey is a common addition to Greek dessert recipes. A cheeseboard is a common savory dessert. The Aztecs were the first to enjoy chocolate recipes and ice cream can be traced all the way back to 4 BC.

Obviously thousands of years ago, there was no such thing as artificial sweeteners or sugar free jello recipes and whereas the history of strawberry shortcake dessert might be very interesting, knowing how to make low fat, low calorie versions of such dishes is sure to be just as appealing.

Using Sugar Free Jello in Healthy Desserts

A healthy dessert does not have to be bland or boring. Perhaps an apple cut into eight wedges is not the most exciting dessert you can think of and thanks to new food technology such as sugar free sweeteners you can do better without consuming more calories.

A bowl of strawberries in sugar free jello actually contains the same amount of calories as an apple or a small banana, as well as being bigger, more satisfying, and more interesting. Sugar free jello offers lots of versatility and you can make plenty of delicious jello recipes with it.

A healthy dessert is not necessarily one that is low in sugar because the most important part of a healthy diet is variety and if you have eaten a healthy dinner, a bowl of something sweet is not going to do you any harm.

There are many different healthy jello desserts and you can use nuts or fruit in jello recipes too, for texture and flavor. You might think that a jello cake recipe sounds like an unhealthy option but by using sugar free jello and replacing the sugar in the cake with artificial sweetener, you are halving the calories right away without changing the taste of the finished cake!

If you are trying to eat a healthier diet but feeling deprived, you might like to find some jello mold recipes or jello cake recipes and get creative in the kitchen. It is possible to eat well and eat healthily at the same time and sugar free jello is one of the best ways to enjoy healthy dessert recipes without piling on the pounds.

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