What to Expect After a Tummy Tuck Procedure

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Have you thought about undergoing a Denver cosmetic surgery to take care of that unwanted fat around your abdominal area? Surgeries to get rid of that loosened and ugly looking skin around your belly is increasingly common. Denver tummy tucks are your answer to tightening the muscle area in the abdominal wall.

While it is a common procedure, there are some steps to take towards recovery. Here is some of what you should expect after a Denver plastic surgery procedure:

To start, expect the actual procedure to take a few hours and you will probably stay overnight so your surgeon can monitor your initial recovery. Denver tummy tucks are a major surgery and, though it is elective, it is handled just as seriously as open heart surgery.

Inform your boss you will be out of work for at least two weeks minimum. Depending on how quickly your body heals, you may even be out of work a little longer. During the first week after your Denver cosmetic surgery, expect some pain and swelling. Most cosmetic surgeons prescribe some form of pain medication to help you feel more comfortable during your recovery.

Expect to stay in bed for the first initial days after the surgery. Try to limit any physical activity to moderate walking only. You'll want to do this to get your blood flowing and preventing clots from forming.

Once the bandages are removed and you can move about more easily and naturally, your surgeon will recommend you wear an undergarment specifically designed to compress the abdominal area and to reduce the swelling. You may be required to wear this for several weeks following the tummy tuck procedure.

Your full recovery can sometimes take months to heal completely. During this time, don't be surprised if you experience the occasional numbness around the incision area or discomfort and fatigue. Denver tummy tucks are not the kind of quick procedure that will have you ready for bathing suit season so soon, usually a year afterwards.

It is important you choose a qualified surgeon who makes you feel comfortable during your Denver plastic surgery consultation. Remember, this is major surgery and should not be taken lightly. Only opt for a tummy tuck procedure if you can dedicate the necessary time to a proper recovery. If you do, you'll never have to worry about a flabby belly and sagging skin again.

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