What to Buy: Swim Spas vs. Hot Tubs

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Lately, there has been such a fuzz about swim spas. Hot tubs, on the other hand, have never gone out of the trend. Many people, however, are deciding to get one for themselves. I mean, who wouldn't want to have one right? With direct sellers around, buying tubs and swim spas has never been so easy on the pocket. The question now which to get, the swim spa or the hot tub?

Hot TubThe Hot Tub. Hot tubs are loved because of it's usefulness. It is known to many of us that the hot tub can promote health benefits through hydrotherapy. Hot tubs can also be used as a social tool, improving our people skills and strengthening our relationships with the people we share it with. Hot tubs are mostly portable and doesn't eat up large spaces. But of course, there still are a few cons in buying a tub. The thing is, these cons can easily be dealt with.
Health Benefits. We can get quite a lot of benefits by just spending a couple of hours max in them. Many people choose to buy a hot tub because of hydrotherapy. Most athletes soak in hot tubs to relax their muscles and have their blood flow balance out after each of their competitions. Even some diabetic patients were given recommendations to use hot tubs regularly because a 20 minute soak 6 days a week has proven to bring down the blood sugar level. At the same time, people with blood pressure problems are also helped a lot by hot tubs. A social tool. Hot tubs can be the life of your party. If you have a tub lying around your back yard, you can throw a hot tub party. There are tubs that come with CD/DVD players. But sometimes, it's just nice to sit around and spend time with family and friends in the tub, catching up on each other and forget about technology for a while. Enjoy each other's company and know each other better, this is just one way to enjoy the tub as a social tool.

The Cons. As I mentioned, there are cons in having hot tubs. But these are things that can be controlled by you. The thing that people dislike about hot tubs the most is the fact that it may cause folliculitis. Yes, this is true. But it will only happen if your tub is not well maintained. We all know that warm unsanitary water is the favorite bacteria breeding ground. Knowing this, why would we not clean and dry our hot tubs well? If in case this happens, it's technically your fault. Another con that I usually encounter is that hot tubs are costly. However, there is already a solution to this dilemma. ChooseHotTubsDirect.com is an online retailer of factory direct hot tubs. Meaning, the costs of the tubs they offer are almost 50% marked down. The tubs they have all has warranties, and you have the option to add more. So there, even the problem of tubs being costly will be true only if you don't know where to look.

The Swim Spa. Swim spas are technically the offspring of a hot tub and a swimming pool. Therefore, it has all the benefits of a hot tub, and more. Whatever it is that you like most about the swimming pool is here. Swim spas are divided into two, the hot tub part and the swimming pool part. You can choose to have warm water on the hot tub and cold on the swimming pool. Isn't that cool? Swim Laps without Moving. The swimming pool part of the swim spa has this water current that will allow you to swim as much as you want without hitting a wall nor turn back. You can swim laps and laps without having to move. Indeed, swim spas are the ideal work out machine, since swimming is the most well balanced work out.

Swim Spa Cons. Swim spas are kinda new to the market. There are somw who says these things aren't proven effective yet. But people who already decided to give it a try loved them. Take a peek at ChooseSwimSpasDirect.com reviews and see for yourself what customers have to say about swim spas. The site mentioned (ChooseSwimSpasDirect) also offers the cheapest swim spas from different top manufacturers. Some are worried that since a swim spa is a combination of a hot tub and a swimming pool, it might cost double as well. It's not like that. Actually, it is more economical because it's like buying two things in one.

To sum it all up, both swim spas and hot tubs are good investments. Both are useful health-wise. Both are relaxing and would not cost much. At the end of the day, choose the one that fits your lifestyle. Chech out the sites mentioned and see for yourself the best deals you can get for both. Just remember that it is possible to choose direct hot tubs and choose direct swim spas. It will save you lots of effort and money as well.

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