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Hey, guys, have you asked yourself that what's the significance of our every 24 hours, what is the essence of our life. Are you in a fog? Have you gotten an answer and what is it? Have you talk about the title of life significance with your friends? Are you reach a consensus?

Yesterday my friend and I had taken a rest, went to a remote villa. We walked, sit, and laid all the afternoon, a cloudy weather, which was not sunny and not raining, made us sit outside all the afternoon,talked something un-important. At the time, we were both happy and relaxe, just like all the mess became footy. We just breathed the clear air and imaged the beautific future, smile and laugh loudly. I was in there, but I had start to miss theis happy and wonferful time. We had fun and got drunk into the quite environment. Such wonderful time, we handed out my ipod and shared the music together, which behavoir made our mood more comfortable. I am sure we will remember this perfect time.

As to the life significance, we will find it easily when you throw off the mess things in our everyday city life, stay with nature alone, not about job, house, car, and something substantial. In there, you will find nature and you are in one.

But our daily life are full of mess things , are awlays make us confused and forget what we do such things for. The most things in our daily life are boring and have no significance, but regrettably we can not run out them. We can not always have time to go to the clear nature and find yourself, sober the things in the world. Music is a great thing that can substitite for nature in some degree. And music is a thing which we can get it easily, can make us quite, understand you, happy you, console you, exert yourself and something possitive, negetive aslo.

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