What the future holds for DirecTV

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We canít run for the fact that the year 2014 was a very prosperous one for DirecTV! They have managed to surpass $30 billion in revenue, the total was $33.24, they have got over 36 million subscribers worldwide (over 22 million subscribers based in United States plus another 14 million of them based in the region of Latin America mostly in Brazil and Mexico). They took the title of being the biggest provider of satellite television in the world as well as the biggest provider of HD TV with over 195+ HD channels being broadcasted in HD full time. Plus we have to mention that they developed a series of very powerful partnerships with various ISPís or internet service providers all across the United States. This has made the creation of various DirecTV and internet (plus phone services) bundles possible and they have been selling very well as the subscribers get a chance to save on both of these when buying together in a bundle. And we canít forge to mention that they are still holding their position of #1 customer support company with the highest customer satisfaction ratings than cable ever since the year 2011 by American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). A good year overall.

But seems like the year of 2015 wonít be any less exciting for DirecTV as there is a lot of rumor online and in the press that one of these partnerships that they have made with ISPís is going to be taken a step further. To be more precise, there is speculation that AT&T is planning to buy Direct TV for a sum of $50 billion dollars. Now if this does happen and these amazing large companies do join hands in the end this will be a revolution for both of them. All that remains to be seen is if this deal will really go thorough in the end or not as there were no official confirmations yet!

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