What the features of smart phone in future

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It is obviously that we integrate with our personal technologies more than ever before, now we can say it is all to a whole new level for our Smart Cell Phones technology experts are taking, you rather than use on Our smart phones without a virtual keyboard, or slide-out key pad, It display it on your body with the building systems. How can it do like this? A group at MIT with mini-projector unit, which uses acoustic sensors to see where you type in your arms, hands, legs or other parts of the body.

It is called skin put which is another set of similar technology come from a group out of London, It is a technology that when you tap your skin somewhere and registered. You can see this technology in the latest science news, and also it aroused a lot in "New Scientist" magazine. The new gesture software also have been worked with the system, all of this can be putting into incorporated as you expected.

This means that in two or three years, maybe much sooner, for the fact pace of the technology coming to market, we will see that on the shelves of all smart phones retailers and mobile phone services, there are such phone features. For those who think that technology in the "Vanilla Sky" or a small number of reports was said have considered too much, I would like to become a reality soon, not just in a dark room of techniques for the scientists, but also as you and me for our daily use.

As a matter of fact, for your smart cell phone that any surface will be a potential keyboard of it. We have seen some companies with upcoming projection of video telephony, a great device for businessman and tourist, who wishes a video conference held a special place, allows use for 3G or better to say, 3G wireless speeds. Difficult to be sure, the company will be the first of this new virtual keyboard technology, but it is safe to say that most of the cell phones can be use in 3-5 years at least with some high-tech smart phone models. Please take this all into consideration.

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