What Thank You Baby Cards Really Say

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Having a baby is a joyful time, but a stressful one, too. As a parent, wouldn't it be great to forgo the long and tedious process of issuing thank yous and announcing the birth of your child on an individual basis? Sometimes, the baby shower itself can coincide with a premature birth, in which case it becomes understandable and acceptable for you to issue dual purpose cards that both thank the person, and announce the birth of your child. This is where thank you baby cards come in handy.

Holiday Cards
If you're planning on thanking people after the holidays, thank you cards for the baby gifts you've received is seemly. Be careful, however, as etiquette is a little unclear when it comes to this situation. It behoves the parents to use common sense when it comes to issuing a thank you card and to decide for themselves whether it is even appropriate under the circumstances. Naturally, however, a handwritten touch is a must when sending out the card and in it, the feelings of joy and gratitude that the parents felt upon receiving the gift must be expressed.

Photo Cards
All parents are rightfully proud of the new addition to their family and each one is firmly convinced that their child is the epitome of baby beauty. This is why it is understandable that most parents use a photo of their newborn baby. However, this is entirely unnecessary; all that must be included is enough space to write a short message. Making it handwritten ensures that the person receiving the card will feel special and well thought of. This is especially necessary if the person in question provided a generous gift to the newborn. On occasions where the gift wasn't related to the baby, sending one of these cards may be inappropriate and in these situations, sending separate thank you cards for the baby gifts would be advisable.

If you've decided that putting your baby's photo on your thank you baby cards is the right choice, it then becomes a question of what kind of photo to use. In general, head shots are the preferred choice, but if you are looking for something a little different in order to stand out from the rest of the parents, try taking a picture of your child's hands. Hands are a universal way to say thank you and to show gratitude for gifts received, so using them will send the subconscious image of your baby being thankful for the gifts given. If you intend to use hands as part of the shot of your child, remember to tell your photographer of your decision. If you don't think the photographer is up to the task, you can always take the photo yourself, but be warnedL getting a shot of your baby's open hands will take a lot of patience and timing.

If you've decided to separate the thank you's and birth announcements into two separate cards, you need to ensure that a theme is prevalent in both cards. Thank you baby cards are always appropriate during a child's first year, though, so it makes sense for the parents to bulk order such cards in order to ensure they have enough to issue all the well wishers as needed.

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