What should you look at Shaping Camisole

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Shape your pretty parts (including the intimate parts) with a Shaping Camisole for a shapelier look and bring out the best in you.

The following features need to be considered while selecting a Shaping Camisole:

• Get the correct size as you will not get your shape right without a fitting Camisole.
• There are specific shapewears available to shape a specific part of your body, viz., tummy, torso, back, waist, breast and sides of the breasts. So, decide before you plunge.
• Control Panels are used at places where you want your body or part of the body to get a shape. Make sure the Control Panels are hidden, as the visible ones may make a mark in your body once you wear it.
• If you want support for your breasts, take a Camisole with Cups and preferably that comes with Underwire.
• Lace above the cup and on the straps could add to the beauty of the camisole and the woman who wears it.
• Embroidery at the cup could increase your feminine features.
• There are Camisoles, which cover your crotch too. In that case, look for cotton lining for crotch. You would be in a position to derive the maximum comfort the cotton offers you.
• Cushion at the straps would move the pressure off the shoulder.
• Look for adjustable straps.
• Go with Flat Seam Camisole, as it would be flat through its life.
• For those places where you want shape, nylon and / or spandex material would be used.

Playtex is a leading lingerie brand in the US. They manufacture bras, panties and camisoles for women.

Playtex Camisole uses the luxurious microfiber fabric. When we say microfiber, it is an artificial or man-made fiber. It is one of the finest fibers that could be used for women lingerie.

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