What Season is Your Skin?

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Have you ever seen a fabulous outfit that you thought would look wonderful on you, only to discover when you tried it on that it left you looking washed out? It might leave you wondering if your eye for fashion is starting to blur a little. Your sense of style is probably fine, you simply chose the wrong colour for your skin type.

Skin types are divided into four groups, and named after seasons. Summer, winter, autumn and spring all have different colour palettes in the natural world. Summer sunshine is the warmth of sandy beaches and soft blue waters, whereas the winter winds bring us crisp white snowflakes and deep midnight skies. Your skin type isn't the colours of the seasons, but the seasons whose colours look best with your skin tone.

Summer complexions are fair skinned, with light hair and eyes. Blue eyed blondes are the stereotype, but it could also be pinkish skin with light brown hair. You will look best in pastels and soft warm colours that complement your skin tone. Stay away from extremely vibrant colours like bright fuchsia because it will overpower you.

Autumn tones are earthy and full of colour. Redheads and dark brunettes are often autumns, with dark eyes and warm to pale skin. Think of the leaves changing in the fall, and you'll have a perfect colour guide for autumn types. Gold, red and warm oranges are often stunning colours for this skin type.

Winter is all about contrast, so if you have stark black hair and white or olive skin, you're likely a winter tone. Solid colours are better for you than patterns, and you always look great in a little black dress. You also look great in red or purple and you can wear deeper versions of traditionally pastel colours, like bubblegum pink.

Spring colours like blossoming peaches look great on those with warm or porcelain skin and bright blue or green eyes. Much like the season, you are in between, and can get away with a little winter colour and a little summer colour. Therefore, while caramels and peaches are perfect for you, it's easy to borrow some crisper winter solids or sun-worn pastels of the summer.

Once you know the season of your skin, it's easy to pick a great palette of clothing, accessories, shoes and even make up, to keep you looking your best, all year long.

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