What Really Causes That Acne Breakout?

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Researchers and doctors have been searching for a single cause of acne for years. Unfortunately, while they have discovered a variety of ways of treating the condition they have not discovered a single causative factor that could reasonably explain all acne outbreaks or lead to a cure.

Acne is a condition that affects people of all ages. In fact, even newborns can have problems with the condition known as infant acne. This is rather rare and usually clears usually-quite unlike the condition that affects teenagers and adults.

Researchers do estimate that four out of five individuals who are between the ages of 12 and 24 we'll be affected by this skin condition. However, doctors report that acne is prevalent in people through the age of 50. And, while doctors can estimate the number of individuals who have difficulty with the acne condition they can not estimate the emotional and psychological stress that results from acne.

Pimples, whiteheads and blackheads develop on the surface of the skin when the oil which is produced naturally to moisturize the skin is trapped in the pores. This oil is called sebum and also gets rid of the dead cells on the surface of the skin. When the pores and ducts that lead to the glands become clogged with dead skin, environmental dirt or overproduction of oil then a pimple results.

This means that the production of a pimple requires either dead skin, dirt or an overproduction of oil in order to begin the process of inflammation. So let's take a look at all three sources.

Acne has been linked to irritation of the skin by dirt that has been transferred on the hands. This environmental waste does not cause blackheads but it does contribute to the development of pimples because it clogs the glands. You may think that blackheads are caused by waste that is dark but in fact the black color comes from oxidized oil. In other words the oil glands becomes clogged and then reacts with oxygen in the air to turn black.

There has been new research to suggest that individuals who are more prone to acne may have narrow hair follicles that easily block with oil and debris. Scientists find that the results of this research are promising and may lead to more definitive treatment protocols to reduce the number of acne breakouts that people suffer.

The overproduction of sebum or sebaceous oil is influenced by hormones. This is common in both boys and girls and men and women. This overproduction of oil is fertile breeding ground for bacteria which results in pustules, papules, nodules and deep sebaceous cysts. When the oil finally comes to the surface it develops into a white head or oxidizes to a blackhead.

One of the main causes of the increase in production of sebum is the hormone testosterone, produced by both men and women. While men produce more testosterone than women do it is the hormone itself and the interaction with other bodily systems in a complex environment that results in an increased production of oil.

Over the years nutritionists, dietitians and physicians have been debating the role which nutrition plays as the cause or trigger for acne breakouts. Because of the variety in the genetic pool and the differences in our own hormonal influences and past nutritional base this must be something that each person experiments with on their own.

It stands to reason that nutrition will play some parts in the health of the second largest organ in the body. Certain foods like fats and sugars also affect hormonal production which then subsequently affects the production of sebum. Nutrition plays a role in the overall health and well-being of the entire body and keeping your skin clearer and clean will begin from the inside out.

Some researchers believe that heredity also plays a part but at this time there has been no genetic link established in individuals who have acne. Cosmetics can also contribute to the cause and trigger of an acne breakout. This is because they clogged the pores of the skin. If you are determined to wear makeup it must be labeled nonallergenic and non-comedome producing. This means that the oils in the makeup are less likely to cause either an allergic reaction or clog the glands or pores.

Today, most physicians and dermatologists recognize that acne is an emotionally stressful condition. Manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies also recognize the desire for most teenagers and adults to clear this problem as quickly as possible. By using prompt treatments and having an understanding of the triggers and causes of the development of pustules and pimples many people can help to prevent situations that increase the risk of developing a new outbreak.

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