What Price For A Plumber?

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Having spent four years doing on the job and TAFE training all the while getting paid a pittance on apprentice wages just to have your supervisors laughing at you as they send you into another gross muck infested cess pit; it is no wonder that once you become a fully qualified plumber that you finally want to get paid what you are worth. Which begs the question how much is a plumber worth especially given the infinite joys of digging out septic tanks, removing sanitary products from toilet systems and a few years' worth of slime and bug littered hair which may be clogging your drains.

The first thing that comes to mind is who else would do it? Who in their right mind would want to hang out in your rotten smelling drains pulling out your faeces infested tampons and pads? The real answer is no one really but if you had to or if you chose to do this as a profession and you had to spend four years to become qualified to do it (remember Police get qualified in thirteen weeks) surely you are worth you're asking price. If not for your in depth knowledge of plumbing and sewerage systems then for your willingness to face your bodily and household waste and fix it for you.

I love it when "Today Tonight" or ‘the battler's hour' as it will be called from here on has a slow week and chooses to pick on the local trades people for trying to rip off the elderly or over quoting for work. Firstly did the reporter get the full story from the plumber did they get their hands dirty or did the incumbent person feeling harshly done by have a clear understanding of the work required to rectify their situation? Next when the quotes came in were apples being compared with tomatoes? Was the same quantity of work being offered, was the solution a long term fix or a band aid to just get by until the muck literally hits the fan.

So what price do you pay for your plumber? The true problem is that not everyone is a plumber just as not everyone is a reporter, personally I prefer to dig in the mud and correct problems than to just pick the mud up and fling it around and see where it sticks; and I am sure myself and my company Female Choice Plumbing will be judged as being much more ethical and skilful in our trade and in our practices than any of the reporters from ‘the battlers hour'.

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