What may be the Cure for Infertility?

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There are countless couples who had for the longest time, been searching for that miracle cure for infertility. The motivation to have their own children is so overpowering that a large number of these men and especially women ultimately reclaimed control to taking care of their fertility issues from the medical professionals who had for years been performing mind boggling tests as well as scans on these individuals.

Is there a cure for infertility?

The short answer is Yes and No.

The majority of people are in fact imbalance rather than infertile. Just a very small percent of the human population are really not able to conceive due to underlying health problems or disability.

Adopting the principles in natural fertility treatment, in particularly that of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the majority of couples who had been not able to get pregnant, could not get pregnant as a result of dis-equilibrium within their body, mind and spirit. This is what Western doctors named hormonal infertility. Nevertheless, Traditional western medical doctors are capable of only treating hormonal infertility in relation to the imbalance within the physical body. Traditional Chinese Medicine, on the other hand has a much more comprehensive strategy and address bodily, spiritual and psychological element of individual human.

Both Traditional western and Chinese Medical doctor know with confidence that endorphins are capable of developing a feeling of well being. Chinese Medicine takes this knowledge a step further and uses it in their cure for infertility.

Endorphins are hormones that are created when carrying out particular exercises, undergoing particular feelings or consuming specific food. Endorphins act as natural pain relieve and because it creates a feeling of wellness, its benefit in treating all kinds of illnesses cannot be over-rated and has the beneficial results similar to laughter treatment.

The cure for infertility used by Traditional Chinese Medicine involves breathing techniques, intake of specific herbs and acupuncture. All these yield good hormones, revitalise energy flow and enhance the blood flow throughout the body.

The greater beneficial emotions there are, the more able the body is in creating antibodies in order to fight foreign elements in the system.

Traditional Chinese Medicine's cure for infertility is modified to individual needs. A combination of the above techniques will be employed with varying significance place on certain treatment, depending on the condition associated with the particular patient. Different individual will have different mixture of herbal formula even if they both are afflicted by endometriosis infertility since it depends on the degree of their endometriosis and other inequilibrium conditions that individuals may have.

Some Chinese Medical practitioners are well versed in the Western studies of fertility treatment and the other way round. These practitioners would be best placed to render the cure for infertility. They can produce the best synergies through both disciplines. Risky surgical treatment is usually prevented in such instances. Not every female with fibroids infertility needs surgical procedure. In fact Traditional Chinese Medicine alone can be capable of treating this condition without all of the nasty side effects. However, it is best for women with sever endometriosis to undergo surgical procedure to unblock their passage way and seek Traditional Chinese Medicine's help thereafter to nourish their reproductive system to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

Maggie Tan grew up in Singapore where natural fertility treatment is a way of life.

In her time in the UK, she found that this powerful treatment is unknown in the West. To help couples realise their parenthood, she set up Natural-Infertility-Cure which offers quality information on the natural cure for infertility.

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