What Makes Funny Comic Strips Funny?

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From the readers’ perspective there are several ingredients that make funny comic strips funny. That is why a good idea for those planning to make comic strips is to look at existing graphic novels, comic strip websites and other humor dedicated vehicles to find out what already exists. Some do well and some don’t and therein lies the story of humor that was successful and humor that wasn’t. In fact, humor itself is all about making people laugh. What makes one section laugh might not really affect another section. So the target audience is just as important for funny comic strips.

One of the problems involved in case of most comic websites and comedy shows on TV is the use of clichéd jokes and themes. Uniqueness is the most important thing when you want to make a name for yourself as someone capable of good humor. The uniqueness can be achieved not only through the themes you pick for your funny comic strips but also through the uniqueness in delivery. For example some comic strip writers are popular for their sketches and humorous representations while others are popular for their witty remarks and funny dialogues.

Wit is an important ingredient of funny comic strips too which is why those looking to dilute it don’t find success with the audience. When you are planning to contribute to funny comic strips to online sites, blogs etc. make sure that you provide a pleasant surprise. A lot of times, what makes people laugh hard is a witty remark or a humorous conversation that they hadn’t expected. Whether it is through the conversation between a married couple, a manager and employee, a thief and cop or two common people on the road, uniqueness and surprise make people laugh. For example, if you see a comic strip on a political scandal, you will be amused, but if you keep seeing the same thing over and over again, you will lose your interest. That is where, those, who develop funny comic strips have to keep their wits about them and keep looking for novel themes, ideas and topics. Someone who observes a lot and is open to various different themes and kinds of people, always builds a better stock of jokes and humor that can be unleashed at the right time. For example, a remarkable character with humorous shades and his or her interactions with people around can provide great humor.

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