What Makes Ballpoint Pens Tick Even Now

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Of the different inventions of man, it must be the ballpoint pen that have seen various changes and patents taken over it by different people with each new change that came over it. Ballpoint pens came as a different form with its own benefits at a time when fountain pens had been enjoying the unshared attention and need from the users. Being low maintenance and less messy, it didnít take long for ball point pens to make their own mark in the field of writing.

Ballpoint pens use a tiny rotating ball at the tip of the pen that spreads the ink over the paper following the path you take to write each character on the paper. The ink is stored inside a reservoir, which is usually a thin tube that is made of plastic. The ink that comes from these pens dries quickly on the paper and thus avoids any kind of spillage. While the ball can rotate freely, it is still held tight by a socket. The rolling mechanism of the ball point pens puts the ink on the paper in the way the writer wants it to come and at the same time seals the ink from drying up in the filler.

It is obvious what makes ballpoint pens different from the fountain pens.

* You neednít fill up the ink every time you write and at the same time you can write with it for days together.
* You get a consistent writing without the overflow of ink anywhere. In other words, your paper remains neat.
* Once you finish the ink you can throw away the pen and get a new one. Ballpoint pens come a far lot cheaper than fountain pens.
* You can write a lot faster with ball point pens than with the fountain pens.

Ballpoint pens have inks of a wide variety of colours ranging from bright pink to the darkest black. These pens come with caps as well as without. Those without caps work on the retreating technology where you press on the knob at the back tip of the pen and the nib would come out at the other end.

Today, youíll find ball point pens of different kinds like space pens, erasable pens, transparent pens, easy grip pens, etc. Different companies have come up with innovative designs and technologies in the industry. Most of them can be easily browsed online as well and you could purchase the pen you want without even leaving your home.

It is true that writing has become very less now with computers, lap tops and I-pads. However, nothing has so far replaced the ballpoint pens that you can use to scribble something fast or put your thoughts down in your private diary.

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