What Makes A Professional Drummer.

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The ability to play drums is something that most of us can learn with enough time and effort but to be classified as a truly talented and gifted drummer you have to possess several other skills and natural abilities. First off the primary job of any drummer is to keep as perfect time as possible in every song under all situations. This alone is will filter out 80% of drummers from this list. A perfect meter (time) is something that only the finest and most naturally skilled drummers possess. If you can keep perfect or close to perfect time without a click track you are something special. At the end of the day the primary job of a drummer in any band is to keep the time and move the music.

Next is the ability to play for the song and not for yourself. Most drummers have a difficult time not overplaying in certain situations. Unless youíre playing Dream Theater or Rush your job is to move the music, provide the groove and of course keep the tempo consistent. Making your fills and grooves tasteful and appropriate for the song is extremely important. Overplaying can result in a sloppy and overly busy sounding performance. A songs feel and impact on the audience can be greatly influenced by tastfulness of the drummers goove and feel and appropriatness of his or her fills.

Next would the ability of the drummer to understand the music they are playing. The ability to read and write music is very important to a drummers overall understanding a how songs are phrased and structured. Your marketability will also increase if you have the ability to read music. Many gigs require the ability to read and possibly write music such as variety bands, cruise ship bands, theater, etc.

Lastly has to do with the drummerís personality. How well does he work with get along with his peers and band mates? The finest drummers are humble and give praise to their fellow musicians and well as they receive it. Egos can severely hurt some drummerís ability to work effectively within a band. Once youíve created a reputation being cocky and egoistic it may be difficult to find consistent work as a drummer so itís important to be professional and courteous to all of your band mates and music associates at all times.

When you put together these elements of natural talent, time keeping skills, groove and feel, playing for the song, not show boating, music education and personality you've got a great drummer who can play any type of music very well and work effectively with any other musician. The best professional drummers out there today poses these traits and for any drummer looking to move to the next level in their career these are important things to remember

Written by Scott Hutton owner of Cymbalism Music at http://www.cymbalismmusic.com. Cymbalism Music carries a wide array of hand made cymbals, drums and guitars at the lowest prices.

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