What Makes A Great Logo Design?

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A logo is an important part of your business identity and your brand. The logo design process is different for every designer but there are certain elements that all successful logos and logo designs have in common. As unique as each businesses' logo is - and you do want to stand out - all great logos share common elements. For a logo and logo design to be successful, it needs to be (in no particular order), 1) memorable 2) simple 3) versatile and 4) relevant.

Great logos are the ones that stick in people's heads and come up in conversation. A logo design that is memorable should also be one that is easily described. If a customer can't describe your logo to their friend, how do you expect them to remember it in the first place?

Another hallmark, and arguably the most important, of any successful logo design is simplicity. Logos are taken in at a glance. Your logo should be strong and clear - think of Apple or Nike. Logos that are simple stand out in customer's minds - they are memorable and are easy to describe.

A logo needs to be versatile but also timeless. A versatile logo design is one that can be scaled down or blown up, and still retain its identity - remember, your logo is placed not only on your outdoor signs and website, but also on business cards, pens and notepads. Logos need to retain their identity over time. Trends in design look good today, but may be laughable tomorrow. Keep your logo simple and classic - Coca-Cola has had the same logo for about the last 100 years!

A final thing to keep in mind is relevancy. Your logo needs to make sense for whatever industry you're in. A children's clothing store logo should be creative, fun and whimsical. A professional health organization's logo needs to be more formal and streamlined. Logos don't have to be literal, but they need to be appropriate.

If you are looking to increase brand awareness for your company, a logo can go a long way. Often times, your logo is the first thing a customer sees about you. It is important that your logo is not only unique and visually interesting but that it reflects your business personality as well. Take the Nike "swoosh" as an example. The Swoosh is a simple stroke of the pen – it is memorable, simple and bold. It also tells a story that relates and reflects the Nike business personality. The Nike Swoosh represents the Greek goddess Nike, the goddess of victorious battles. The personality of Nike is one of victory – when wearing Nike shoes, you’ll be victorious on the playing field. The company logo and its meaning, reflects and promotes the company’s personality.

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