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Full, long, thick and beautiful lashes are considered a sign of a beautiful woman. Beautiful women, because the media was evident for the first time, has always been portrayed as having thick and full eyelashes. However, not every woman is born with a perfect eyelashes, and some even loses its perfection, as some disease or accident. Fortunately, these women do not live their lives without the beautiful, because it is now, duly certified eyelash regenerating therapy for them. This therapy is based around Latisse known as a drug, which is fully approved by the FDA Food and Drug Administration. Even so, as drug therapy, and new to the market, there are a lot of skepticism. That cover all issues related to Latisse, impartial review of the same.

Latisse manufacturers:

Latisse drugs are manufactured in the company, known as Allergan, which is a multi-specialty pharmaceutical companies. Allergan is the most famous manufacturer of Botox is now known, which is used to treat wrinkles. It is worth noting that Allergan is a company that operates more than 60 years.

Latisse drug composition:

The active substance, or more simply put, the drug Latisse main ingredient is bimatoprost. Bimatoprost is a drug that is also approved by the FDA. It is used primarily to treat glaucoma and control eye pressure. However, here, the main ingredient Allergan side effects significant impact. Bimatoprost side effects is hair growth. Thus, it is active Latisse ingredient. Other drug ingredients are purified water, citric acid, disodium sodium phosphate, sodium chloride, benzalkonium chloride.

Latisse therapy information:

Latisse therapy for long-winded as the effects of the drug is slow. Resultantly, the recommended duration of therapy for eight weeks or two months. Latisse would also be specific. Drugs apply to the upper lash base every day with a special applicator on the outside. The applicator is sterile and disposable.

Latisse Advantages:

The greatest benefits of using the treatment Latisse, strengthening individual eyelashes is that it is relatively cheap treatment and not very complex. Medicine is the minimum price of 120 U.S. dollars, especially when compared with other products classified in the same category. Moreover, in addition to the minor side effects in some people, Latisse was very consistent record since its inception. Drug official website offers detailed information related to them.

Potential problems with Latisse:

Although in many cases Latisse successful in its objective, the results are visible after prolonged use. This can be frustrating for many people who are looking for quick results. In some cases, therapy Latisse up to four months of results. In addition, there are certain side effects. in which all users should be aware of. Most of the side effects can be seen from Latisse are allergic form reactions to drugs. Therefore, before the use of proper consultation with a doctor is a very recommended. This is all allergic reactions that can lead to the list.

1st Redness of the eye.
2nd Itching at the application site.
3rd Dryness of the eye.
4th Eyelashes falling out.

In addition, it was in some cases, people complain of increased pigmentation of the place. Hyperpigmentation can be best described as a darkening of the region where the product is. All of the above side effects are allergic (hypersensitive) in nature. This means that after Latisse drug is stopped, the application site and the condition of the eyes to go back the way it was before treatment began. In addition, as Latisse is a prescription drug, it becomes mandatory for a person consult with your doctor before using it. Therefore, there is no long-term risks associated with use of Latisse therapy.

The biggest flaw Latisse drug therapy, however, is that its effects are long lasting. In other words, the therapy should continue for a full, thick and beautiful lashes remain.

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