What Kids Beds are Best For Your Child

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Now that you have finally come to see that your little baby is not so little anymore, it is time to move him or her to the next level of beds. But what size of bed comes next after the crib? This is a hard thing to decide on for many parents. As a child grows, so does his or her needs for a bed. This is where you have to consider all of your different options to make sure that you are getting the right bed for your child.

For many people, the next natural step would be to invest in a toddler bed. These beds are sized in order to be low to the floor. This is perfect for those accidental falls out of bed as the child has little risk of really getting hurt. With so many designs and types available, it is no wonder that these beds can be found at almost any department store. Whether you get the toddler bed that has a plastic, wood, or metal frame make sure that you are getting one that comes from a brand that you can trust. These beds range in price from fifty dollars on up and will last a child a couple of years until they reach the age of three or four.

Twin beds would be the next natural step from the bunk bed. Even though some people would just like to skip the purchase of the toddler bed and go straight to the twin bed, this may not be something that you will want to do. This is because going from the crib to the twin mattress is an incredibly big jump and it may be a little risky for the child. The twin bed comes in a variety of forms and styles. The bunk beds are a perfect choice for multiple children in one room such as siblings or friends staying over for a sleep over.

Loft beds are quickly becoming popular as well. These beds give the child the twin mattress space that he or she needs while taking advantage of all of the space below the kids beds. This space can be used for storage, clothes, or even for a desk. No matter what you decide to do with the extra space you will be sure to appreciate it. The twin mattress, no matter the style you decide to go with is generally good for four to five year olds and it can last children for many years to come.

Even though there are full sized, queen sized, and king sized mattresses the twin mattress is generally the best bet for your kids bedroom furniture. Helping your child to learn to stay in a small radius of area is a great thing to do in the beginning. Plus, the extra room that the twin mattress will give versus what a larger mattress would give leaves plenty of room for other things such as toys. Just look at all of your options and you will have no problem finding the perfect bed for your little one.

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