What is Windows mobile voip?

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You might have heard of Windows mobile voip and it may be just a collection of words and letters. However, Windows mobile voip is set to be the new big thing, so if you have a smartphone it is definitely in your best interests to at least know what it is. When you know what something is and what it can do you can then make an informed decision about whether or not you need it. Until then it's just a gut reaction and that could deprive you of some great technology. So let's get you informed about Windows mobile voip.
Windows mobile voip is something that I think everyone should have, but of course the decision is all yours. Voip stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol - basically Windows mobile voip lets you make voice phone calls over the internet instead of over the phone. Why should you care? Well, if you are in the habit of making a lot of calls, or you don't make many but when you do they are long or long distance, your phone bill could probably provide you with an excellent reason. I mean, you pay a huge amount of money for phone calls from and to your cell phone but what if you could reduce those costs? Well, Windows mobile voip can do that for you. When you make voice calls via the internet, you pay a tiny amount, often only pennies, to make a call that might otherwise cost you a lot of dollars. Good enough reason for you?

Other benefits of Windows mobile voip include the fact that if you are abroad or in a particularly isolated location, like a hotel in the middle of a forest or halfway up a mountain, you may not be able to get a cell phone signal. Up until the advent of Windows mobile voip if you wanted to make a call from your cell phone, or receive a call, you were completely dependent on the presence of a cell phone signal. Not anymore, though. Now you can make a call even when there is no cell phone network, because as long as there is a wireless internet connection available, you can just call using that, making Windows mobile voip a lifesaver in certain circumstances.
I mean, if you go on holiday and suddenly the chance comes up to make a deal that will assure your company's future for the next three years, but your cell phone company has no roaming agreement with the country you are in, what are you going to do? Well, now you can just use Windows mobile voip to make that call over the internet for pennies, and because it costs so little you can make and receive calls all day long, as long as the wifi connection remains. Of course, you will have to pay for the calls, but the amount you will end up paying will be absolutely miniscule compared to what you would have had to pay if you were using the cell phone network and your cell phone minutes.

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