What Is Thermicon Hair Removal?

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As far as hair removal goes, there's another player on the block. We've heard of lasers, epilators, creams and and the ever faithful razor. Thermicon is yet another method of removing unwanted hair.

Permanent hair removal is quite often done with the help of a laser. Unfortunately, this treatment won't work on all skin and hair types. Due to the pigment in some darker skin tones, the laser, being a source of light and subject to colour reflection, does not properly reach the intended hair follicle, making it unlikely the hair will be removed.

Thermicon reportedly has success where laser hair removal has failed.

Your hair is constantly growing all over your body. The hair itself has three different growth cycles, a growth stage, a dormant stage and a shedding stage. During the growth period, the hair is growing from the follicle. The follicle is open, allowing the hair to grow out of it. In the dormant stage, the growth has completed so the hair is no longer actively increasing. The final stage is when the hair pulls away from the follicle and naturally sheds, making room for a new hair to grow in its place.

Obviously, these three stages don't occur all at once, or you would be completely void of all hair at some point when the old hair makes room for new hair! Each hair follicle has its own revolving cycle, so you don't notice when a new hair is growing in, and rarely notice when an old hair is falling out.

Thermicon targets the follicle, which is the birthplace of hair growth. It starts by heating and dissolving the hair above the skin line, then penetrating below the skin to the follicle itself. After the hair has been removed, it also blocks the generating cells below the skin, preventing future hair growth.

There are some side effects to using this type of heated technology. The skin may feel irritated, dry and itchy, and the initial hairs may feel sharp or barbed until completely removed. However, the generous upside to Thermicon is that it works well regardless of skin tone or hair type.

Will Thermicon replace other methods of hair removal, such as lasers? Not right away, but as the market gets stronger, those looking for a permanent hair removal system now have another choice that might resolve the problems they face with other procedures.

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