What Is The Ongoing Interest In Celebrity Scandals And What Is The Future Of This In Society?

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Fame and TV shows about celebrities ordinarily have a vast audience. This is understandable : people like to watch other victorious people. But why do people like to see the embarrassment in celebrity scandals?

As far as their devotees are concerned, celebrities fulfill two emotional purposes : they give a mythical narrative (a story that the devotee can stick to and identify with) and they function as the blank screens onto which the followers project their ambitions, needs and desires, fears, plans, values, and desires (wish fulfillment). The merest departure from these dictated roles evokes tremendous fury and makes us want to punish (humiliate) the "deviant" celebrities.

But why?

When the human mannerisms, vulnerabilities, and vices of celebrity are unveiled, the fan feels crushed, "cheated", hopeless, and "hollow". To confirm his self worth, the fan must establish his or her moral superiority over the drifting and "wicked" celebrity. The fan must "teach the celebrity a lesson" and show the celebrity "who's boss". It is a crude defence mechanism - egotistic grandiosity. It puts the fan on equal terms with the exposed and "defenseless" celebrity.

This taste for watching a person being humiliated has something to do with the attraction to catastrophes and tragedies?

There is always a sadistic pleasure and a morbid fascination in vicarious suffering. Being spared the pains and tribulations others go through makes the observer feel "chosen", secure, and virtuous. The higher celebrities rise, the harder they fall. There is something gratifying in hubris defied and punished.

Do you believe the audience put themselves in the place of the reporter (when he asks something embarrassing to a celebrity) and become somehow revenged?

The newsman "typifies" the "bloodthirsty" public. Denigrating celebrities or watching their comeupance is the modern equivalent of the gladiator rink. Gossip used to fulfil the same purpose and now the press broadcast live the slaughtering of fallen deities. There is no question of retaliation here - just Schadenfreude, the shamefaced joy of seeing your superiors penalised and "reduced to size".

In your land, who are the celebrities people love to hate?

Israelis like to observe politicals leader and flush businessmen reduced, degraded, and slighted. In Makedonija, where I live, all superstars, regardless of their vocation, are subject to fierce, proactive, and destructive enviousness. This love-hate relationship with their idols, this ambivalency, is attributed by psychodynamic hypotheses of personal development to the child's emotions towards his father and mother. Indeed, we reassign and displace many bad emotions we harbor onto celebrities.

I would never dare asking some questions the newspersons from Panico ask the celebrities. What are the characteristics of people like these reporters?

Sadistic, ambitious, narcissistic, lacking empathy, self righteous, pathologically and destructively envious, with a fluctuating sense of self worth (possibly an inferiority complex).

Do you think the actors and newsmen want themselves to be as illustrious as the celebrities they beleaguer in the celebrity scandals? Because I think this is almost happening....
The line is very thin. Newsmakers and newsmen and women are celebrities just because they are public figure and regardless of their true achievements. A celebrity is famous for being famous. Of course, such journalists will likely to fall prey to up and coming fellows worker in an endless and self-perpetuating food chain....
I think that the fan-celebrity relationship satisfies both sides. What are the rewards the fans get and what are the rewards the celebrities get?

There is an unquestioning contract between a celebrity and his fans. The celebrity is obligated to "act the part", to satisfy the expectations of his adorers, not to divert from the roles that they enforce and he or she accepts. In return the fans lavish the celebrity with adulation. They revere him or her and make him or her feel omnipotent, immortal, "larger than life", omniscient, superior.

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