What is the Movie Called The Cure for Insomnia

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What's the Longest movie ever Made.
(Your life buddy!) is the answer to this question. Someone, a director, by the name of
John Henry Timmis IV, shot a movie back in 1987 reflecting on how life and just natural life can be it's own movie. The most lush, plush, green, refreshing movie you will ever experience. In the film poet LD Groban quoted a poem of many many pages. It was interlaced with images of sexual fantasies and exploits of a past. This was the directors choice to show life in this way because he saw that the images in life and the words in life are sometimes all we have.
In The movie LD Groban (poet L.D. Groban) recites his own poem of 4,080 pages. It's his life 's work which is natuarally the only cure for insomnia, chronic insomnia, cataplexy, and narcolepsy

So what's the cure for insomnia? How do you reprogram biological clocks for insomniacs so they can sleep again. You know let me first start by saying that Narcolepsy sufferers do this reprograming of there biological clocks naturally. What they don't do is reprogram their biological clocks so they can stay up. Okay that seems obvious right?
Let's look at the facts about the movie.

The film The Cure For Insomnia mostly consists of poet L.D. Groban reciting his own poem of 4,080 pages.
the Cure For Insomnia is an American movie
It was first played in its entirety at The School Of The Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois from January 31 to Feb. 3, 1987
the movie Cure For Insomnia
was released January 31, 1987.
The Cure for Insomnia is the longest movie ever made at a total running time of 87 hours.
Cure for Insomnia consists of L.D. Groban reciting his own poem, inter linked with X-rated film footage and music videos.ChaCha!
The movie was directed by
John Henry Timmis IV and he wrote and directed the 1987 movie "The Cure for Insomnia".
It's runtime is 5220 minutes. That's 87 hours!
Do you know what happens in the brain when you have narcolepsy?
Okay now pay attention, this is deep and if you have doubts at all, You really should be asking a professional other than me. with that said, here are the basics
Narcolepsy means you have no orexins, no fighting genes against sleep.
researchers think this is caused by our auto-immune systems destroying them during the fetal development of that particular part of the brain, possibly in response to exposure to a virus. our brains are missing a particular peptide (amino acids) called hypocretins or orexins. (those born in march have a higher rate of being born with this, partly because the mother is in her second trimester during the big cold/flu season...while those born in later September have the smallest, which puts the pregnant mom in her second trimester during a low cold/flu time of year.) Not in Flu season, So the resistance is low. These orexins regulate functions like the body's ability to keep its self up and stay awake.

Vigorous excercise several times a day, Caffeine, ephedrine, pseudoephedrine are the over the counter stimulants for Narcolepsy.

The circus of ever sprouting medication for sleep disorders are only part of the cure. The real cure is your life's work. Do and perform your life's work. In The movie LD Groban (poet L.D. Groban) recites his own poem of 4,080 pages. His life's work should reprogram biological clocks for insomniacs and for that matter narcoleps so you can order your bodies natural sleep cycle again.

Don't take medication geared towards mental health issues lightly. You don't want to get in to all that if you can help it. Do and perform your life's work. Many of these drugs are addictive or they have very serious side effects. This includes
antidepressant Elavil, which is WAY too strong for many. It makes many terribly drowsy and lethargic, not good for someone with narcolepsy!
Tofranil (generic: imipramine) which works well for some because its an antidepressant.
and Ritalin is disliked by all. Tamiflu is prescribed for insomnia.All of these medicines should be subscribed by a doctor. Just say no if you can help, and you can. Do and perform your life's work.
Now with insomnia
Your body should adjust to the new wake up time and let you go to sleep when it needs to.
Set your alarm to one time (the time you want to wake up each morning) and follow it strictly.
Ironically the cure for insomnia perhaps is the same cure for narcolepsy.
Do and perform your life's work.
-To help you get to sleep/and stay up just enough and to give the body energy to disipline the mind to sleep enough is as follows from all diagnosis:
-make sure there is no noise, no light, smells fine and the room temperature is a cool 65 --degrees and your comfortable in bed.
-exercise in the morning to help you get to sleep/and stay up just enough
-during the day get lots of sunlight

-take a warm bath and have a warm glass of milk or cup of chamomile tea before sleep
don't have any caffeine. be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

-don't have a big meal before going to sleep but also don't go to sleep on an empty stomach. have a small snack, such as yogurt (which also contains tryptophan).
- don't watch tv or use the computer for at least a half hour before sleep. Instead do something in a dimmer light to help you get to sleep/and stay up just enough to help you get to sleep/and stay up just enough

By making small lifestyle changes like having a fixed
daily routine, relaxing and eating properly, insomnia can be
Insomnia (sleeplessness) is due to stress, dietary and medical
Achieving discipline, order and rest control means you need to go to bed at the same time every night regardless of whether you feel tired or not & once in bed - minimal tv,reading.
Sleep is all about developing a schedule to maintain a normal cycle. Your body needs to establish that the bed is for sleep & nothing else.

No matter what you decide to do, you need to have a professional observing the effects the drug has on your brain and your body. The people answering your question on this site, cannot make these observations even if they know what they are talking about (don't take that for granted). TALK TO A PROFESSIONAL!!!

Today prepare to fight. Prepare to fight to do your life's work. fight who? fight the urge and the compulsion to self destruct and to stay the same. stop the urge and the inclination to tell yourself that "You can't sleep" or "I just fall asleep out of no where". Fight your own inner creative battles. what do you love to do. what are you passionate about. Wher do you go when the world seems like it just disappears? What is your spot in this world and what is your territory. In The movie LD Groban (poet L.D. Groban) recites his own poem of 4,080 pages. It's his life 's work which is natuarally the only cure for insomnia, chronic insomnia, cataplexy, and narcolepsy

TALK TO A PROFESSIONAL!!! and then do what you can do naturally which is do your life's work.

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