What is the Appeal of Chess?

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What is it about chess that people seem to like so much? How exciting can it be, sitting opposite an opponent moving various shaped pieces around a board? Well, there are hundreds of millions of players all over the world, making it one of the most popular games ever, so there has to be something that makes it so appealing.

You can find people sitting hunched over a chess board in parks and bars, and some schools have added it to the curriculum as it's well known for improving memory and brain function. Families bond over a chess board, players make friends by joining clubs, and there are those who compete in tournaments on a serious level.

The internet has unlocked an enormous number of new opportunities in having fun with traditional card and board games. There are thousands of websites committed to solitaire, dominoes, checkers, backgammon, and scrabble, just to name a few, and online clubs allow you to challenge players of all levels, from any country, all day and every day.

Here we try to identify the attractions of the game, after all there are people everywhere that enjoy a chess challenge so there has to be something that keeps them playing. Its popularity is also evident by the amount of chess-playing computer programs sold annually. If you prefer to buy a real set then take a look at the Battle of Waterloo chess set with its quaint themed English and French figures.

Playing takes focus and concentration, as well as coming up with a game plan of your own you also have to try and figure out your opponent's. It takes a lot of concentration to visualize each piece and how a move will affect them. Analysis also is crucial as it involves calculating what move your opponent could make, and in turn what you would then do. These are just a few of the skills required to play, there are plenty more and it is these that keep players interested and fascinated.

Chess is actually good fun, for starters you can join a club and meet and make lots of new friends with whom to play against. Pitting your skills against different opponents will improve your game vastly, and let you talk about the subject as much as you like! Lord of the Rings chess sets can be entertaining if you want to get a youngster interested, the figures are based on the movie characters with Gandalf the Grey, Aragorn, Gimli the dwarf, Frodo Baggins, Sam Wise, hobbits and Orcs.

There are those who consider it to be a game that only the truly intelligent play! This is not true, of course, but just think how much it will impress people when you tell them you play! It's not that difficult to learn and with practice and patience you can soon be a good player. There are cheap chess sets that can be purchased for under 20, such as the magnetic folding set, both convenient and easy to carry on your travels. Or the lightweight folding wooden set with lacquered, durable pieces.

Once you study and understand the rules, then there are strategies and tactics if you want to play to a higher level. There's no way to get tired of chess as there's always something more to learn. Each game has the prospect for a new battle and the exhilaration of potential captures and possible victory!

Online there's plenty of choice in waterloo chess set and boards UK from leading brands and at unbelievable prices. Top brands include The Regency Chess Company, Studio Anne Carlton, Dal Negro, Garde and Italfama.

An online operation, Chesssets.co.uk is dedicated in their aim to supply outstanding superior boards and wooden chess pieces at prices that are attainable to the masses. Open since 2011 they are part of the JDS group who buy and sell lord of the rings chess sets ever since 2005. The business buys its chess boards in India, Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal, and the UK. The products they opt for are made from traditional wood, stylish metal, and range from basic to luxury styles. Not long added to the collection at Chesssets.co.uk are economical sets for schools and large garden sets, a venture that hopes to encourage more of the youth of the country to play. They trade in backgammon boards also, from discounted travel sets to lavish brands, including Dal Negro. The staff compares their role in the company as like a family and are thrilled to see their hard work give so much satisfaction to clients.

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