What is stretcher bars

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A stretcher bar frame is something that is used lot in canvas printing and canvas art frames today. They are used for artists and canvas prints companies all around the world as the stretcher bar give a professional look and also have bevelled edges that give the canvas a tight stretch for a long time. They are also normally shaped like a rectangle or a square which is the beauty of being able to purchase different sizes as you can make any type of frame size you like, i.e. square, panoramic, rectangle.

The stretcher bar also have mitre joints so that you can assemble them and put them together like a puzzle so itís ideal if you donít have the time to make your own frames as it literally takes no more than 30 seconds to put one together. Itís good if youíre framing some canvas pictures and you need the job done fast and they are very light to which helps if you were sending them in the post for the weight.

Stretcher bars also do not require any glue which is also ideal for some frame makers and waiting for glue to dry can be daunting as the simply slot together and allow some slack for when you want to stretch them again.

The use of stretcher bars is normally use with inkjet canvas prints which is becoming even more popular than ever, itís also know that most companies order there stretcher bar frames in from other countries to cater for their photo on canvas or art selling business.
Photographers can also use stretcher bar frames for their own product, they are use for their own wedding frames and for customers that want to have their canvas of material already mounted on a frame whereas an artist would normally buy a blank canvas which is mounted onto stretcher bars already and produce their artwork this way.
When using a stretcher bar frame you need to make sure you have your measurements correct first, than after you have your canvas and stretchers made you then line up your canvas artwork and staple the canvas to the frame. Once stretched and stapled you should have a firm stretched canvas print form your own artwork or photo which not only gives of a good effect but also makes sure to give your canvas print a professional look and feeling. Also give it a 3d effect once hung on your wall.

The most common frames that you buy come in boxes of 50 and the most popular thickness would be either the 18mm frame or the gallery 38mm thickness frame. You can even buy museum pro bars that are 50mm deep if your looked for a very deep look from your wall. For extra strength on the thinner 18mm frames, especially if it is a panoramic narrow size would be to have a cross bar in the middle for extra strength and to prevent it from bowing. The last thing you want is a brilliant canvas print which has gone bent just from the frame being bent which is easier fixed if ever the situation.

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