What is RingCentral DigitalLine VoIP and how it works

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To state briefly, RingCentral DigitalLine means transforming your RingCentral Online account into a total business communication solution. If you have DigitalLine you can handle both incoming and outgoing calls through your broadband Internet connection. DigitalLine will save you lot of money as compared to conventional systems regardless whether you are a heavy or sporadic telephone user.

RingCentral DigitalLine will integrate well with your RingCentral Online service. You can also assign DigitalLine to any extension. There will not be any misuse as the unified Call Logs will keep track of all your incoming and outgoing calls. If you wish not to change your traditional phone, you can still use your existing analog phone with an ATA adapter. Installing a DigitalLine from RingCentral entails no setup or activation fees.

Few of the key features of DigitalLine are:
  • You can call anywhere in the U.S. and Canada for one low rate and enjoy unlimited inbound calls to your local RingCentral numbers when answered on your DigitalLine.

  • You can use your existing analog phone with an (ATA) adapter.

  • You can rope in as many callers as needed into a single conference using RingCentral SoftPhone. With a regular phone you can have a three-way conferencing.

  • Extension dialing is possible to connect with your team members.

  • You can view your messages directly on your SoftPhone, or access your voicemail by dialing *86.

  • Dial up to 10 numbers with single digit abbreviated dialing.

  • If you press *69 you can retrieve a missed call, if the caller ID is not empty.

  • Using SoftPhone you can record and store conversations. You can access recorded calls on your PC and email them to your colleagues. This is an advanced feature.

  • With RingCentral DigitalLine Service, you can instantly add a phone line anywhere you have high-speed Internet access.

The other advanced features are: Voicemail access; incoming call processing: send caller to voicemail, quick text response, accept call to any phone, reject call, screen caller ID; new fax and voicemail notification.

Operating RingCentral DigitalLine is nothing complicated. It works just like your existing telephone line. The fact is, instead of going through landlines, your voice will go through your high-speed Internet connection using VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.

Fully integrated with your RingCentral virtual phone system, DigitalLine is an effective business tool and communication control system unmatched by any offered by other VoIP providers.

You have different options with regard to choices of phones and whatever your option your calls will be trouble-free and you can control your entire phone communications:
  • Use RingCentral patented Call Controller with SoftPhone. This will transform your PC into a fully functional telephone.

  • Use uyour traditional phone with an Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) supplied by RingCentral

  • Use an IP Phone supplied by RingCentral.

  • You can also use any unlocked SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) compatible device.

RingCentral DigitalLine VoIP helps you to enhance your productivity and be more responsive to your customer needs. In short, RingCentral DigitalLine VoIP offers you today the business communications of the future.

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