What Is Printer Ink Made of and How Does It Affect the Quality of Your Printing?

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The quality of your printing is determined by the quality of the ink that is used. A major goal of every printer ink manufacturer is to develop ink that can print on multi media and be waterproof, durable, and fade resistant as well.

The printer ink in your inkjet cartridges is one of the most expensive liquids on the planet. This ink is made from a combination of de-ionized water, either pigments or dyes, distilled surfactants, fungicides, biocides, humectants, resins, and buffering agents.

If you have decided to buy a comparable printer ink cartridge, the correct combination of these ingredients will help to ensure that what you print will look as if it was printed with an OEM ink cartridge.

One of the major factors that influence the look of what you print is the specific dye or pigment that the manufacturer uses. A dye based printer ink will initially produce sharper quality printing that is brighter in color than in a pigment based ink. However dye based ink takes quite a long time to dry and because of that the output often blurs.

Pigment inkjet printers inks dry considerably faster than dye based inks. For this reason they're more suitable for color ink because blurring is kept to a minimum. Pigment inks are also fade resistant, waterproof, and are less toxic than dye based printer ink.

The resins in the ink make sure that the humectants keep evaporation to a minimum and ensure that the ink adheres to the paper. The surfactant helps to balance the paper's surface tension and paper wetting properties.

Once you've found a good source for your comparable printer ink cartridges it pays to stay with them. Many people don't realize that they can save time and money by purchasing their printers ink replacement cartridges online.

Some of the vendors that you will find on the Internet offer high quality printer ink in recycled cartridges that is virtually identical to the original equipment manufacturers formula. Not only is this an ecologically sound alternative to buying brand new cartridges, you will also find that recycled printer ink cartridges are sold for extremely low prices on line.

All you need to do is invest a little bit of time on your search engine and you will find a vendor that offers unbeatable deal. Many of them will ship your ink jet cartridges to you the same day you place your order. And some of these online merchants also include tax as well as shipping in the price.


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