What is Hyperthyroidism? - Tom Brimeyer

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For hyperthyroidism (increased on thyroid function I) is characterized by the following symptoms:

Irritability and insomnia
Tremor (fine trembling hands and body)
Weight loss for no apparent reason
At elevated on I by trivets;
By turning red skin for blood
Tachycardia (increased heart rate), and arrhythmia
Frustration of a chair

By passing this can to observe ophthalmologist (ophthalmic), double vision, and feeling of sand in the eyes. At the young age of hyperthyroidism develops on the background of diffuse toxic goiter in which to regulation is violated hormone. As for residential aged hyperthyroidism often on an in if the thyroid to I iron or odes to go out of its parts due to d control, which leads to too much hormone production.


According to Tom Brimeyer`s eBook Hypothyroidism Revolution that it`s a disease that leads to a decrease in thyroid function. According to the prevalence of ghee on thyroid function takes the first place among all endocrine diseases. In the world of patients with hypothyroidism to read more than 600 million. People. In Lowering on me production of thyroid hormones is manifested by the following symptoms:

Confusion, lethargy, drowsiness
At elevated on I fatigue, tearfulness
Slowing down and thinking on the violation of concentration
Dryness of the skin by blood, fragility and hair loss
Feeling chilly
By elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood
slow pulse
Over on p
Reduced by of competence

Hypothyroidism is a consequence of autoimmune hypothyroidism. In this disease, the human body on the chi to develop a specific antibodies that cause chronic inflammation of the thyroid tissue. As a result, on the function of the prostate is violated and reduces the production of hormones. In the first to suffer cardiovascular regulator on endocrine I on system on lipid metabolism is violated.

To further develop fungoid swelling of all the organs, which is manifested weight gain, swelling of the eyelids and face on the phenomenon of roughness voice, and, dysfunction of the digestive tract, for elevated blood pressure and ventricular for heart rhythm disorders. Especially rapidly developing disease in children.

For adequate compensation syndrome hypothyroidism important for early and correct on I diagnosis, integrated by to treatment, including the reduction of autoimmune aggression process, normalization of function on with on laities of the thyroid gland. Special attention is paid to the prevention and treatment of complications from cardiovascular, autonomic and central nervous and digestive systems.

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