What Is Dual Card Cell Phones and Why We Need?

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You may always find or have a requirement of have a cell phone with at least two phone numbers. If you follow the Chinese mobile phone’s development recently, you may find there are more and more people take part in using Dual Card Cell Phones.

Major mobile phone companies Samsung, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola has been slow to catch up with the release of model of Dual Card Cell Phones. The development is fast. Does it really there are so many people need Dual Card Cell Phones? Maybe they use the Dual Card just want to avoid the phone is engaged with each other, which can really help a lot to our consumers.

Originally, the Dual Card Cell Phone limited in using two SIM cards in a same GSM cell phone, and now, whatever is a TV phone, or any other dual card phone, as long as it can take two SIM cards, and can be read fluently, and then it is the double-card mobile phones.

How does one phone can receive signals for both numbers at the same time? The answer is dependent on the phone itself. Some types of unlock cell phones has two CPU (central processing unit, part of the phone, do the work of "thinking") to allow their potential to answer two calls at the same time.

To the customers, there are always two results, because, not all dual card mobile phone has two CPUs. And in this case, if you are just on the phone, then another call is coming, the double card cell phone would only tell the person who made the call that your line is busy. Or there is a Secretary Service on your phone software, and then if your phone appears on another line, it will be transported into the voice mail.

The concept of dual SIM mobile phone for many people for various reasons, whether you are interested in a phone call or two major brands card phone from China. However, because the coverage of a given plate, economical and convenient.

There are many reasons for people who want to have a Dual Card Cell Phone, whether you are interested in major brand cell phones or just the phones come from China common market. We can summarize all the reasons into three points: coverage, economy and convenience.

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