What is Dolphin Project? Any Guesses?

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No, the Dolphin Project has nothing to do with the endangered species of Dolphins and Whales. Rather, itís about much worried concern of our world- Energy. Dolphin Project is the most ambitious project and one of the most concrete studies to develop sustainable renewable energy sources strategically and harness the existing non-renewable oil and gas sources efficiently and thoughtfully.

There have been so much of hues and cries over renewable energy and going green, but what we failed to notice that there has been much of noise but so little of work. Still, even after a decade, one can count the authorities and experts on one's finger. Especially in Middle East where energy and energy infrastructure is a question of concern with respect to global oil and gas market and legal framework surrounding that.

Dolphin Project is one of its kind of major substantial project on transnational gas trade and Middle Eastern Gas issues. Dolphin Project is the results of the research and study of Justin Dargin initiated and conducted at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. This research has been proved pivotal to understand the crisis of non-renewable energy, specially gas and oil in Middle Eastern countries. Justin Dargin is not only a co-founder of a registered 501(c) 3 nonprofit EarthSpark International but also a legal consultant at many organizations of repute which increase the credibility of this project even more.

This project focuses on a transnational pipeline to weld the natural gas treasure of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and the UAE into a single and integrated bloc. This project was envisioned as a solution and relief in the world and Middle East countries, which despite of been flocked with natural energy stocks was facing gas and oil crisis back home.

Dolphin Project was presented at the November 1989 GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and welcomed by all as a crystal clear and rock solid centerpiece against power and energy crisis. The project emphasizes on engaging common people to come forward for energy saving and utilize solar energy more and more. The research also shows more concern towards energy saving and efficient use of non-renewable energy within Middle East countries as most of the energy of the world comes from them.

Justin Dargin is a Research Fellow with The Dubai Initiative and a Fulbright Scholar of the Middle East. Justin Dargin is a specialist in International Law and Energy Law, and a prolific author on energy affairs. Justin Dargin specializes in carbon trading, the global oil and gas market, the legal framework surrounding the Gulf energy sector, and Middle Eastern geopolitics.

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