What Is Causing Damage To Eco System – Can This Be Prevented?

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It is vital to gain an understanding of the relationship and dependency between the living creature such as animals, planets, human beings and this atmosphere so that we can find a solution to the upheaval of the eco system. Dignitaries such as Kofi Annan, Desmund Tutu and the rest are getting together on an international platform to discuss issues of global concern.

It was also found that they have launched a scientific research on ecosystem, the current changes happening in the environment and how will it affect the future world? These will provide sufficient evidence backed with sound scientific facts which will further help us find the cause of the changes and the solution subsequently.

The next step would be towards the action people need to take in order to reduce the harmful effects and the degradation of the eco system. An international platform will provide good space for discussion and youngsters who are experts in various fields can present their research paper and together we can arrive at a common solution. Nothing can be done until the leaders raise their opinion. All those who have done some research or have some thing to contribute in the field of international business, environment, international health, eco system, political leadership, inter faith dialogue, media and environment can participate in these international seminars for a global cause. If we take action today, we can find a safe and secure world tomorrow!

Rapid changes have been evident in the past 50 years and this change has been massive. Let us not ignore them and take immediate action!

Arush keerthi, Expert Author. For more information: Desmond Tutu

Get more information on: Kofi Annan

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