What is Better? Eye Gel or Cream?

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If you're one of those unfortunate folks struggling with dark circles and puffiness under the eyes then you've possibly considered an eye gel or an eye cream to aid.

Eye gels and creams are great additions to any anti aging routine as they are really successful in reducing under eye bags and discoloration and some are even capable decreasing fine lines and crow's feet. The real question is what works much better; eye gels or eye creams?

Although eye creams are much more common and have been around for a longer period of time, eye gels are beginning to gain a enormous following.

Until recently consumer reports showed that most were unsure of the concept of a gel instead of the conventional oil based cream.

Both essentially do the exact same thing in regards to successfully reducing and eliminating dark circles and puffiness as well as potentially maximizing the regenerative effects of an anti aging regimen. The delivery system is slightly unique therefore causing differences in terms of effectiveness, side effects and length of time in which outcomes will be seen.

Eye gels are beginning to gain popularity mainly due to the fact they are much more efficient in absorbing directly into the skin due to their lighter consistency as being a gel.

Stay clear of eye gels made with harsh chemicals as the skin surrounding the eye is incredibly fragile and thin and can extra very easily absorb the harsh substances in many of the additional prevalent eye gels.

The very best eye gels are made with all natural ingredients like Eyeliss and Haloxyl to naturally breakdown the fluids and blood vessels that trigger dark circles and puffiness.

Even though, both gels and creams are successful, eye gels work quicker because they are absorbed additional directly whereas a cream is thicker and takes a lot more time to fully absorb into the skin.

Now, no eye cream or gel will erase the years overnight but with consistent and proper use there's no reason you shouldn't see the outcomes you want.

Now to answer the question as to what works greater; eye gels or eye creams, they both work successfully to decrease the signs of aging around the eyes but eye gels seems to be the a lot more efficient of the two. Direct and quick skin absorption is key when trying to treat dark bags and circles as these complications are underlying and want to be treated from the inside out. Keep in mind to stay away from any skin care products made with harsh chemicals, specially those that are created for the eyes as they can trigger irritation and in some instances blindness. Stick with an all natural eye gel to decrease your puffiness and discoloration and you'll be a lot happier in the morning.

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