What Is Art? That Is Up To You.

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If you were to take a stroll through the local art museum, you would see many different forms of art work. There will be paintings of a beautiful country side and of creeks and streams running through a very dense forest. These paintings take us to a far off place where things are peaceful and serene. Just looking at them can bring a sense of peace to anyone who takes the time to glance at them. In another area of the museum you will find pictures from historic times depicting women in long flowing dresses with their hair tied back behind them. There will be paintings of small boys dressed in outfits that look like dresses and of men standing tall and proud dressed in their best suits. These paintings were created to help us remember what times were like in yesteryears. Looking at them will remind us of the hardships that our ancestors once had and how simple life was back then.
In another section of the museum you will find the abstract paintings. To some people, these paintings can just look like blobs of paint on the canvas. To others they are the most magical mix of lines and shapes and they can feel the movement in the art. Another type of abstract art is not created on a canvas. These creations can be made of any object that an artist finds to be beautiful. There are art pieces made from old tires that are formed into an interesting shape. Other abstract pieces are made from broken glass or simple rocks that are arranged in a way that they create beauty to the artist.

The statues that are found in a museum are very unique as well. Some are made of clay and are in the form of a bust of a famous person. There are statues of Greek gods and beautifully dressed women. The statues can be made of clay, bronze, or any other material that the artists finds to work with. There is another very popular type of art that you, in most cases, will not find in an art museum. This form of art is most likely to be found on a stage among large groups of people that are really enjoying themselves. Music is this next form of art. Music, like paintings or sculptures, comes in many different forms of art. There are rock and roll and country music styles. There is also heavy metal and progressive music styles. Different people prefer different types of music. It is a question of a person taste as is any other form of artwork. Art is a form of personal expression to an artist. It speaks to the people that see it in many different ways. Our taste in art can be as different as our taste in food or partners. No matter what kind of art you prefer, know that there is sure to be someone that enjoys it just as much as you do.

Annie Deakin is a journalist, fashion and furniture expert and editor at mydeco.com who is currently interested in bathroom cabinets, home decor and kids beds.

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