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Art these days is everywhere, from the tape on the cloths you put on your back to the table to sit at when eating your dinner in the evenings, art is every were, you can think of art as being what make us human, as it stands out and makes us what we are today,
We all love art and a good way to express that love is through canvas art. Canvas artwork is found in many homes of today. I even have my owe art and a couple of other artists artwork in my own home, if you wanted to have a look at some art then a good place to start would be on the internet and then to visits some of the famous art museums . I went to one most recently and it blew me away, you really need to experience it yourself to know and feel the passion that goes into artwork and even the canvas that is used looks so beautiful to.
The word art could mean a painting or a sculpture or even some manmade pottery, these are all fanatic ways of expressing your feels and passion. If youíre a photographer or an artistís then you will appreciate the time and patience that is needed.

Art is always something that is changing if you take canvas prints or canvas artwork for example then even they seem to change in trend, but if you look at everything around you then you will see the same sort of change, another example would be interior design as you can see how time goes on then the colours change and the mood and style of a room can be transformed into something that you donít even recognise anymore.
Everyone has the right to their own opinion, and with that means that art in many peopleís eyes is that of different substance and different likeness. For example i could love a canvas painting of a famous artist and along could come some of complete different taste and say that it isnít art and that a sculpture of a Greek friend has more meaning to them so you see art can be so many things in so many different ways which makes it unique and can never actually be brought to justice as a single form.

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