What is an ata VoIP adapter?

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If you are interested in benefiting from cheaper phone calls (and let's face it who sin't?) you will probably have heard of VoIP. This is a service which uses the Internet and enables people to make and take phone calls to anywhere in the world at a fraction of the price. Anyone who will do any research on VoIP will probably have heard of an ata VoIP adapter. An ata VoIP adapter is an adapter which enables a VoIP user to continue to use their regular phone to make and take VoIP phone calls. The ata in the ata Voip adapter name means analog telephone adapter, which is basically what the ata VoIP adapter does.
An ata VoIP adapter is usually a small box with ports which allow telephones to be connected to the modem which transmits the VoIP calls. There are two main types of ata VoIP adapter ports - FXO or FXS. An ata VoIP adapter with FXO ports will enable a user to use both a VoIP service and a traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network) line as it will allow the user to switch between the two. An ata VoIP adapter with FXS ports will enable the user to connect a telephone and fax machine to the VoIP service or two phones with their own separate VoIP lines. As you can see using an ata VoIP adapter makes your telephony equipment highly flexible and can help you to create an efficient and effective office setup in just a few minutes.

There are so many advantages to using ata VoIP adapters that it is no wonder so many people are choosing to buy them. One of the main advantages is that when you have an ata VoIP adapter you unable to keep your own home telephone, something which many people like to do. Not only that but actually converting your telephone or fax machine so that you can access your VoIP services is achieved in a few minutes using an ata VoIP adapter. You don't even have to have any technical knowledge in order to successfully run your telephone through an ata VoIP adapter. You simply plug your phone into it, plug the adapter into your Internet connection, sign in to your VoIP account and start making calls.
Anyone who is looking for a way to reduce their phone bills, but still have a reliable and crystal clear telephone service should look into switching to VoIP. Thanks to the large range of ata VoIP adapters you can keep your old phone and find an adapter that fits perfectly into any room and is virtually unnoticeable. So if you want to take advantage of VoIP services but you don't have the money to spend on a new VoIP phone, keep your old telephone and just buy an ata VoIP adapter. That way you get all the advantages of a fantastic VoIP service, but at a low cost, which is exactly what you are looking for when you switch to a VoIP service provider.

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