What is a Nic Card?

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Also known as the Network Interface Card, the Nic card is a set of circuit boards that is essential in networking. It is placed as an added hardware or to the mother board of the computer. More often than not, the new computer models have extra slots where this card can be inserted easily.
It can also be used to troubleshoot the network as well. Rather than wasting time sending back the computer to where it was purchased or wasting money getting another motherboard, the said card can fix the glitch immediately.
Take note that before you can make use of the computer's network you should already have a network card installed. Without the network card, the computer will be isolated. It would not be able to connect with the tangible parts of the system. Not a single file or even the smallest information can be exchanged with the other PC's without using the Nic card. This does not only include the local area network but also the access to the World Wide Web at the same time.
The need for the Nic card became very popular during the time that corporate environments realized that they can share internal resources, hardware (printer, scanner, etc.) and even file server without having to spend too much. Aside from that, broadband connections also became a necessity. The need for internet connection for each and every home became vital. Thus the demand for faster internet speed was in demand as well.
Nic card plays an important role in delivering this to all the broadband users, may it be in the office or at home. This the network card where modems from the internet providers can connect with the computer or even with a router.
But for the past few years, the network card as well as the system became advanced. Today, you can now use this to connect even to a wireless network no matter where you are.

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