What is a Data-Only Plan?

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You may have realised that you barely speak on the phone anymore to communicate with your friends, family and business associates and prefer to use instant messenger or facebook to stay in touch.

Data only plans are rising in popularity and many of the major mobile phone carriers are now offering these. Paying for an expensive voice plan just does not make sense anymore; normally you would need a voice plan in order to tap into text messaging, email and other data only features. With a data only plan, you can now use these features without having to pay for a voice plan.

Why Use Data Plans?

Even with data only plans, you can still make phone calls locally, nationally and internationally through a mobile VoIP like system, such as the one that Google has just released.

With this system, your phone would be able to work across any data system. The only downside is that one may not be able to make emergency phone calls. The benefits would include almost unlimited domestic calling and very cheap international phone calls. Such an internet calling package can be excellent, especially for those people who need to stay in touch anywhere in the world at an affordable rate.

Data Plans for the Hearing Impaired

For those who are hearing impaired, having a mobile phone may not make a lot of sense and be a waste of money. Nevertheless, with a data only plan, people who are deaf or are hearing impaired, are able to stay in touch with their family members and friends.

Some of the great features that data only plans offer include unlimited text messages, email, web services and even instant messaging. These plans are much more cost effective than voice plans, especially if you rarely use your regular calling features.

Phone Call Access Included in Data Only Plans

Virtually all of the different plans that are available for the major mobile phone carriers offer phone calls at an additional rate. In the case you need to make an emergency call, your phone will have access to calling features for an extra expense.

These charges are more expensive than what you may expect to pay for a regular calling plan. People who opt for data only plans rely much more heavily on data features rather than on calling features and would only use calling features in a last resort situation.

Data only plans are excellent alternative plans for people who rarely use their calling features or have a tablet device that can only connect to the internet. Besides cutting your calling plan in half you will have access to the web, instant messaging, email and text messaging, not to mention VoIP calling.

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