What Is a Cosmetic Dentist?

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A cosmetic dentist does precisely as their title claims – they enhance the teeth aesthetically while maintaining and promoting the patient’s oral health.

How Is a Cosmetic Dentist Different from a General Dentist?

Technically, there is no difference between these two dentists. They go through the same training. They graduate their studies with the same degrees. The difference lies in how they approach dental work.

A general dentist specializes in preventing, diagnosing and treating oral disease and decay. A cosmetic dentist, though they also prevent, diagnose and treat dental conditions, holds a different prerogative in mind. They try to offer the treatments which best address the aesthetics of your teeth, enhancing your smile’s beauty while they secure your mouth’s health.

A dentist labels himself a general dentist or a cosmetic dentist to better serve their clients. A client who only wants a cleaning every 6 months, basic braces for the teenagers and dentures for the grandparents may prefer a general dentist.

Who Needs a Cosmetic Dentist?

Anyone who wants to improve their smile may be interested in a cosmetic dentist. Generally, children don’t need a dentist with this specialty because they’re still adjusting from temporary to permanent teeth. However, once your little one starts looking at braces, a dentist specializing in aesthetics can be useful. A cosmetic dentist often offers invisible aligners like Invisalign® in lieu of braces. Since braces can be detrimental to a young person’s social standing as well as their confidence, parents and dentists alike often choose invisible aligners instead, since they serve the same purpose and they function just as proficiently as metal wire braces.

What Services Can a Cosmetic Dentist Offer?

A cosmetic dentist can provide almost any dental service which addresses the health and beauty of your teeth. This includes teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants, porcelain crowns, Invisalign® and more.

To find out which specific dental services would best address your dental conditions, call your Austin cosmetic dentist, Dr. Mike McCarty, DDS to schedule a free initial consultation.

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