What Ingredient Should the Best Anti Aging Skin Care Product Have?

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Before you buy anti aging natural skin care products, make sure you know what you're buying. The best anti aging skin care products out there have safe and natural ingredients, but you're really going to have to search to find them.

The problem is the use of the word "natural". It's often assumed that if it's natural it is safe. Unfortunately, that's not necessarily true. Many skin care ingredients that are natural, are neither safe nor good for your skin.

Take for example mineral oil and its derivatives. Most anti aging natural skin care products contain mineral oil, paraffin wax or petrolatum. Those are technically naturally occurring substances, but they are not good for the skin's overall health and appearance.

They clog the pores and destroy the skin's pH balance. They increase dryness, cause blackheads and may cause the skin to break out. The best anti aging skin care systems use vegetable oils and waxes that are more similar to the skin's own composition.

You should also know that unless a company has signed the European "Compact for Safe Cosmetics", they are not all that concerned about your health. They're in the business to maximize their profit.

The US Food and Drug Administration allows companies that make anti aging natural skin care products to include materials that are suspected of or known to cause cancer and birth defects, as well as cause permanent changes in the skin's structure.

The European Union (EU), has tighter sanctions. So, a non-profit group got together and contacted major companies to pledge to the EU's rules for safe products. Over 600 companies have signed the pledge, but numerous major manufacturers and expensive designer name products chose not to.

The best skin care products are manufactured by companies that believe your skin's and your body's health are of primary importance.

There are plenty of safe and effective natural skin care products and plenty of active ingredients that are not harmful. You just have to know what to look for, so here's a little education.

The skin's nutrition is just as important as that of the inner body. In order to build new cells, collagen and elastin fibers, you need certain building blocks. Among these are vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and protein.

Amino acid proteins are some of the skin's primary components. Knowing this, a lot of manufacturers include hyaluronic acid. Which is good - well, maybe...

You see, researchers have learned that an enzymatic process breaks down this protein within the skin's layers. So, adding hyaluronic acid, without providing a means of blocking the enzymatic reaction, renders the hyaluronic acid ineffective.

Researchers found that by including a variety of kelp called Wakame in the ingredients this enzymatic process was reduced by nearly half, after being used for just a few days.

This inturn caused the level of hyaluronic acid within the skin's layers to rise, naturally.

Of course, Wakame is only one ingredient to look for.

To begin to narrow your search down, the best anti aging skin care products will have Wakame as an ingredient. Products without that should be avoided!


Discover the best ingredients to include in your anti-aging skin care products to produce clear and radiant skin naturally.

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