What Indian Celebrities are tweeting now days?

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Twitter is the current hype of the networking world. It’s a wide awesome platform to ride through various Indian celebrities and know what their minds are tweeting all about. But the worrisome matter is that Twitter is a place where one can get cluttered with so many charismatic individuals as it’s a huge universe with so many fashionably famous people.

And if you are following numerous celebrated Twitterers than Tweet Idol is the best option to opt, it comes as a rescue to catch all the thousand glittering stars at one outstanding spot. After all twitter is getting renowned due to all the famed personalities as they are too gaining the most wanted extra clumps of fame and flourishing fan line.

Tweet Idol is a well organized place to conquer all the strikingly gorgeous people categorized into sections like Bollywood, Sports, Politics and International stuffers too. Lost and unconquered Mr Fair and Handsome – Fardeen Khan is re-tweeting that “It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love all good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get. Well very correctly said, we understand Mr Khan and you must also engrave that every Khan is not lucky.

The very inspiring Indian journalist and voracious reader Barkha Dutt is currently tweeting - “Equally, all party delegation obliged to go beyond protocol boundaries and make use of this trip to do something real and meaningful”. Good to know that some meaningful job will be crafted soon but c'mon Barkha start posting some tweets for all the forthcoming journalists who look at you as a divine personality of news media.

The famous Virus of 3 Idiots fraternity Boman Irani is tweeting about his latest business game show "The Pitch" where he is the handsome host and the show aims to boost the budding entrepreneurs. Oh... God Mr Irani, why are you promoting the show? People are already crazy about you and will catch you for sure in whatever form you appear.

Nowadays every shinning star is on Twitter and Tweet Idol brings to you a beautiful home where each famous personality is assorted fantastically. So no worries as you can easily track all your favourite blooming celebrities and can even follow not only their tweets but their stylized way of living too.

Most importantly you don’t get mystified while being there on Tweet Idol as all the accounts are verified by Twitter. It is a place to be for every Indian Twitterers to make the fan following easier and fascinating road to travel on. There is no such need to wait for that Bollywood gupshup or breaking news on your favourite channel. Just be on Tweet Idol for that fun filled experience full of dazzling beauties and engaging politicos.

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