What if you feel the need to leave your mark? – Is online digital graffiti and fly postering the way

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Can the internet cure the itch for tagging and provide a useful outlet for the scourge of the urban environment? Such a thing could tap into an overlooked means of marketing yourself or your business – so would you leave your mark?

Tagging, Graffiti, marking – whatever you call it, it is still one of the oldest means for an individual to leave something for others to see. It has been used since 30,000BCE as cave paintings, marks on walls from the Roman period and from the ashes of Pompeii. These days there are convenient bright colours from cans that could last almost as long but the method still prevails. Some people see it as modern art – others see vandalism and can show social or political issues.

Can the method of graffiti be brought into the 21st century using current advances in the internet and social media? Well people could certainly create graffiti for use online but why would you use spray paint on a wall when you can draw your artwork on paper and scan or photograph it!

Reasons why graffiti artists wouldn’t like this way to show their work:
It’s too tame! – Where is the danger? Where are the police? No land owners and local authorities are going to get annoyed and no rival gangs are going to kick-off! Ok not all graffiti artists are anti-social criminals but the culture surrounding it has ties to some of the less impressive corners of society. They might not want to because of technical reasons – like not being able photograph or scan their work.
Reasons why graffiti artists should use this way to show their work:
You want people to see your tag? – How do 10,000 pairs of eyes a day sound to you? Such visibility is not impossible online, in-fact that is quite a conservative number. Those eyes aren’t just from around your patch either as websites have a global reach, you could find yourself in competition from someone thousands of miles away. You can include links to other websites too and also your social networking pages, what better way to show off to all your friends – and enemy’s. A good reason for digital graffiti would be the cleaner look the city environment and the peace of mind knowing you’re not going to be prosecuted.

It is doubtful that this method will completely replace graffiti being found on the sides of walls and buildings but it does offer an effective alternative, and who knows – it might become popular.

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