What Happens To The Children When Divorce Occurs

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There are different reactions from children about the imminent divorce of their parents, and these reactions are mostly typical for their ages and maturity levels. A lot of parents worry about telling their children of divorce between them. While no child wants to learn about any divorce or break up between his parents, it is important for parents to know and expect the reactions of their child in order to better prepare on how to handle the situation.

The Plano family attorney knows about these reactions from children, and with the help of a reputable clinical child psychologist, there are different scenarios for parents to learn about their children in divorce situations.

While it is easier said than done, it was found that the best way to share the news about an impending divorce to children is for parents to tell the same story, preferably together, in front of their children. In this scenario, termed as a “mutual story”, the children are given the environment to continue their love for their parents despite the situation. The Plano family attorney also shares some insights into how children react to their parents’ divorce.

For most children under 5 years old, varied reactions may be seen depending on their personalities. These kids would most probably have any of the following responses. They will first cry and then act as if they did not learn about any divorce. They could also change the topic because they want to arrest their feelings and emotions.

They could also show no emotions at all and leave the room to evaluate their emotions. According to the Plano family attorney, the last reaction should receive continuing care from the parents as this is the most crucial among the different reactions of kids this age. When kids want to learn more from the world around them they resort to playing with toys. To them, playing is working, and parents need to communicate with these young children while they are at play.

On the other hand, children of school age, probably between 5 and 6 years old, will either turn sad and cry, or become angry and shout, upon learning of the divorce news from parents. After this, the child would then either ask questions immediately, or leave the room in a thundering manner and return with questions. The child can do this questioning repeatedly and the parents should be well prepared for these reactions.

The Plano family attorney would attest that the child would usually ask if he could still see his father, or if his mother would survive without his father. These may seem simple questions but careful replies and explanations must be given to the child during these situations.

For teenagers, reactions could be more extreme. There could be intense vehemence and they could blame the parents for ruining their lives. There could also be tears and resentment. Some teenagers would not react at all. Parents should be most cautious to the teenager having no reaction as this could very well have a strong backlash later on.

It is important that parents have enough guidance with the help of the Plano family attorney in dealing with their children on Plano divorce lawyer issues. The parents need to have close coordination with the Plano family attorney in all aspects of the children’s welfare on this matter.

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