What exactly is Green Energy?

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Everyone nowadays is talking about green and clean energy especially after President Obama’s emphasis on inculcating clean energy technology in his “state of the union” speech a few days ago. Essentially green energy is that energy which has a significantly lesser impact (negative) on the surroundings, environment and all life forms when compared to other sources of energy like fossil fuels, which not only have a negative impact on the environment but also have various after effects.

Wind energy is an example of green energy

Today, the word “green energy” has become a household term. It has become a common terminology for everything that is environment friendly: from green sofa sets to green ideas! However, simply put, green energy is the term used to describe sources of energy that are environmentally friendly. It also means locating and finding power that will offer solutions to the effects of pollutants in our environment and prevent global warming as well.

Its is not compulsory that green energy should necessarily mean wind, thermal or even tidal energy. Utilizing waste and biomass can produce green energy as well! There are two basic benefits of green energy:

1) To reduce the impact of pollution generated by fossil fuels and
2) To reduce the emissions harmful to the environment generated through fossil fuels

Green energy can either be purchased by consumers or businesses as a means of supporting environmentally friendly living and reducing the impact to the environment which occur while using the conventional alternatives to energy and energy generation. However, in broader sense green energy is essentially not clean energy. Clean energy is energy that is almost or totally free of any pollutants, emissions etc. Green energy however, does result in some pollution, which is minimal in nature. Example: Nuclear Energy wastes.

What is your opinion on Green and Clean Energy? Is green energy the future?

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