What Exactly Is Acne?

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What Exactly Is Acne?
Acne is a skin disease pointed out by oily skin and several types of buttons: open comedones (alsoknown as blackheads) and bunged comedones (also known as microcysts or whiteheads), inflammatorylesions (also known as papules, pustules, and nodules), cysts, and the scars or marks that are eithertemporary or permanent. Acne most commonly occurs in adolescence but is also capable to sometimes be foundthroughout adulthood.

What Causes Acne?
An increase in the production of sebum causes oily skin, which is essentially due to the male hormone,androgen, in both men and women. The sebum then clogs the sebaceous gland which will causes themicrocomedo to enlarge.
Some components influence the obstruction of the follicle such as the composition of the sebum, the rate ofthe male hormones, and the bacteria along with substances produced by skin cells.

What Is The Evolution of Acne?
Acne is an affectation that usually lasts several years, 4 to 6 years on average, but can sometimes last much even longer. Persistent acne in adults is not rare, especially for women.

How To Treat Acne?
Acne interferes and with an affected person’s quality of life and therefore needs to be taken quite seriously and treated with efficiency. Several potent treatments have been studied and developed and areusually offered at beauty salons and spas throughout the world.- Microdermabrasion is a natural skin exfoliation technique that is less invasive that thedermabrasion technology. Microdermabrasion eradicates the superficial layer of the skin inorder to reduce or eliminate scars, skin lesions, blotchiness and stretch marks. Few treatments are recent or superficial scars.- Phototherapy is a recent advances that has been proven efficient in the treatment of mild tomoderate acne. In some cases, phototherapy has been known to lessen acne by 78%. Unlikeother treatments, there are so many next to no known side effects. Moreover, this technology has beenproven to have longer lasting results than topical creams or other treatments.

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