What Everyone Ought To Know About the 3 Bestselling Ereaders

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Best electronic book reader is designed to take care of your reading needs by using electronic ink (e-ink) technology. An e-book reader is rated according to its readability, battery life, and portability. These attributes differentiate one electronic book reader from another. Often PDAs (personal digital assistants) are classified as e-book readers except for e-ink display.

An electronic book is comparable to a library having your favorite titles stored. Unlike paper books, e-books have the facility of making notes, highlight passages, and save clippings or quotations. Further, while traveling you might have the habit of reading books. On a vacation of several days instead of carrying a stack of books you need to carry the best electronic book reader. It is convenient for use, easy to carry, and environment friendly.

For the elderly and near sighted the option of increasing font size makes reading convenient. Some advanced models of e-book have the feature of reading out passages. Many models also double up as music players. You only need to be cautious of not spilling any liquid or splashing water on a reader.

A look at the Sony Ereader

Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS 600 amongst the best electronic book reader is a technological marvel with rich features. It is possible for making handwritten notes and draw diagrams with the aid of a stylus. An add-on USBG cable allows for attachment with a personal computer for recharging its internal battery. After connecting to a PC, its preloaded ‘E-book Library’ software gets initiated which manages and transfers content from the PC to the reader. A slideshow with Sony Reader PRS 600 is a distinct possibility. An integrated MP-3 player with respectable sound quality helps you to listen to your favorite numbers even when reading.

As for its drawbacks, Sony PRS 600 is on the heavier side and needs a personal computer attachment for adding materials. Its touch screen is not crisp clear.

The Kindle 3G

This might be considered the best electronic book reader for its features and physical characteristics. This e-book reader has received commendable reviews from New York Times, PC World, Wired, PC Magazine, Engadget, and Fast Company. With 6 inches reading area and less than 9 ounces in weight it easily fits inside a handbag. With darker fonts, high contrast electronic ink screen, and no glare display reading is a pleasure with Kindle 3G.

Other features that make this model among the most preferred are its storage capacity of nearly 3500 books, battery charge lasting one month, and improved PDF reader. This reader also comes with free 3G services like wireless connectivity and web browsing.

The Nook e reader

The Barnes and Noble ‘Nook’ is accepted as one of the best electronic book reader. This model stands out because of its beautifully colored touch screen. Its display of 16 level gray scales allows crisp visibility even in sunlight. Font size could be magnified up to five times for greater readability for those having impaired vision. This model is provided with free Wi Fi and is capable of storing 1500 books. The only disadvantage of this e-reader is its weight of nearly 2 pounds.

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