What Every Woman Should Know about their Mineral Foundation

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I have been using a popular brand of mineral foundation for some time now. Then last night, out of the blue, I became curious on its quality and looked it up in the internet. Iím not sure if I should be glad that my preferred brand rated number 6 in the Environment Working Group websiteís hazard score which means that my organic foundation is in the moderate hazard category. 0 to 2 means low hazard, 3 to 6 means moderate hazard and 7 to 10 means high hazard. If this were a firing squad, this means that I am next in line to the first batch. Should I be glad?

I then decided to do some more reading on the topic. According to the website, ingredients present in my preferred foundation are linked to cancer, developmental or reproductive toxicity and allergies. Needless to say, the next day, I reported to work without any make up at all. As I am working inside the mall, I have resolved to visit the nearest organic cosmetics boutique after work. Then I immersed myself in tons of work so I can forget about my product being linked to cancer. And forget as well, that I have been using this brand for as long as I can remember. But sadly, I cannot forget. So I did another research and looked for natural cosmetics that are relatively safer than my current brand. First I looked up the more expensive organic cosmetics line near my office. And to my surprise, their mineral makeup and lipstick is still under the moderate hazard classification! Although it was a few notches lower with a hazard score of 3. What if I want something which is not hazardous at all? What product should I use?

I continued my research and found, at last, that there are some mineral foundations that are under the low hazard classification. One brand in particular use more organic and synthetic free ingredients and very sparingly use toxins like dioxide and MICA which according to studies has been associated to cancer, allergies, organ system toxicity, occupational hazards and Biochemical or cellular level changes. It is also free from synthetic preservatives called paraben, an ingredient in most skin care products like cosmetics, shampoo, conditioners and lotions. These synthetic preservatives are said to be carcinogenic. Several breast cancer studies discovered the presence of paraben in breast cancer tumors.
Contrary to popular belief, not all mineral foundations are allergy and irritant free. Most organic cosmetics use bismuth oxychloride, a natural ingredient which may irritate sensitive skin and may cause itching when applied to the face or even acne. I have sensitive skin so I decided look for a product that is bismuth oxychloride free, paraben free as well as a low hazard natural cosmetic. Maybe luck was on my side because it didnít take me long to find what I was looking for.

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