What Does the Magic Jack do?

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Magic Jack may sound like the name of a washed up and ultimately jaded magician whose career has subsequently been on the ropes after some high profile scandal but the truth of the matter is that the magic jack refers to the latest and greatest in cutting edge technology. One of the greatest features of the magic jack is that it directly allows the consumer to actually enjoy major savings on their phone bill.

Magic jack is nothing more exotic or elaborate than a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) service and when considered from this angle, it really is not that exciting or noteworthy. However, the true magic of the magic jack is the savings it will provide the consumer in that if a person makes a phone in the specified countries (which are currently limited to Puerto Rico, Canada and the US), the phone call will cost them absolutely nothing.

A common criticism of products and service such as the magic jack is that they are ultimately flawed by virtue of the fact that they apply only to a single type of telephone service such as traditional land based telephones, or cell phones. What makes the magic jack all the more remarkable and commendable is that it actually enables the consumer to make use of both of these different types of phone call mechanisms.

If you are concerned that the Magic Jack mechanism will have an adverse impact on the method of making phone calls which you commonly rely upon then you will be relieved to learn that the Magic Jack offers all of the basic functionality which a traditional phone will offer. Therefore, voicemail, texting, call waiting, etc are all part and parcel of the magic jack.

Another common concern and criticism with these VOIP programs is that they are specifically designed only to be compatible with a particular operating system. Again, this is another highly commendable feature of the Magic Jack because it is specifically designed to be fully functioning with both the Windows and Mac operating system. Currently, there is discussions about the possibility of the Magic Jack being developed in order to be functional with the Linux operating system as well.

How does the voicemail system work? Very simple. If you do receive a voicemail and are not available to take it, you will be notified via email that you have one waiting for you. You can then access the voicemail at your convenience.

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