What Does it Mean to Build Immunity? - Tips to Boost Them

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Your immune system is a defense mechanism which fights against the foreign body and disease causing bacteria. It is made up of specials cells, tissue, organs and proteins which will help protect you against germs and disease causing micro organism. If this system is in good condition then it can keep you healthy and act as a shield against infections. When this fails and becomes weak, you become more vulnerable to bacteria and micro organisms.

Acts as a shield against - foreign invaders!

A defense mechanism which is your protective shield against foreign invaders such as allergy, infections, cold causing bacteria, virus causing fever or flu, diarrhea etc. If you build this defense mechanism you will be able to keep your body in good health and ward off any kind of infections. If you enhance it naturally, the health benefits that you will enjoy will last for a lifetime. You need not shell out a lot of money on ‘over the counter' medicines. Stay away from too many medicines which will otherwise make you completely dependent on them. It is not advisable to take medicines for common cold and allergies all the time. This will gradually deteriorate your body's capacity to fight against diseases.

Natural methods to enhance your defense mechanism?

Fresh greens such as spinach has proven to be an asset from time immemorial. It should be added to your diet to maintain good health. It consists of anti oxidants and nutrients in plenty. It keeps your body in good health and offers a lot of nutrition as well.

Yoghurt -which is popularly known as curds, is rich in probiotic bacteria or live active culture which fights against bad bacteria. This is present naturally in curds and can be had as a desert along with fruits post lunch or dinner.

Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits such as oranges and gooseberry have the capacity to fight against cold and other kinds of allergies. They are also rich in Vitamin C which is essential for your body functioning. Replace your oily and fast food with these rich fruits. Have them in your break time, as it is good to eat and has a lot of nutritional value. Stay fit by eliminating junk food from your life!

Natural herbs: Rosemary and golden seal root are natural herbs helpful in building up your defense mechanism. Rosemary can be added to your omelettes, stews and vegetables, it can fight against common cold and flu. The other herb such as the root of golden seal also protects you against diseases.

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