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There may have been many times in your life when you've found yourself coveting the smooth unblemished looked of models in magazines that have been airbrushed into perfection. You look at your less-than-smooth skin and wish that you had the same airbrushed look, as well. In reality, airbrushed cosmetics have been around in the market for quite some time, although many people are under the impressions that they are the sole domain of models, Hollywood stars, or the very wealthy.

This is particularly true of Luminess Air, which comes with natural, holistic, and organic cosmetics to provide flawless make-up for many skin types. Airbrushed cosmetics isn't merely a far-fetched technology of the future; it is an advancement in make-up technique that is now available to anyone tired of using powder or liquid foundations to cover skin imperfections.

You can use the Luminess Air airbrush system to apply anything from blush, bronzer, body spray, body makeup, and foundation. You can use the system to cover up tattoos. You can also use it for temporary highlights in your hair.

Luminess Air is known for how light and easy it sits on your skin. You don't have to touch your face at all during application, so you cut down on bacteria on your face. The makeup is so light, you will not have that caked on makeup look. You can use it to mask age spots and wrinkles so that you look like you are right out of a magazine.
With this makeup you can use an airbrush for an even blend, which results in no delineation between your ears, neck, and face. You can't tell the difference between makeup and your skin.

Cosmetics manufacturing company 'Luminess Air' uses mineral which have undergone hydration. These compositions are also recognized with name microdots and they are low in weight and without any trace of oil, silicone or any chemicals with water as base, the chemicals which are normally found in commonly used make-up. It contains Matte & Satin foundation, hydrophilic compounds, Blushes, partially opaque agents, fine metal powers and also other formulation supporting compounds. All these make Luminess Air very smooth and clean make up.

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it is considerably less expensive than if you had your make-up done in a salon. Its light wearability makes for a cleaner and more radiant method of enhancing your appearance, while giving you that perfect Photoshopped look that you normally see on models and Hollywood celebrities who appear in glamour magazines.

If you are searching for this type of look and feel in make-up, you will definitely find it with Luminess Air, the revolutionary new way to easily look and feel like a million dollars.

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