What Do The Chinese Coin Beads Tell?

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Chinese artifacts have always been a source of inspiration for many budding jewelry designers and artists. The rich heritage and historical value of China is represented by its multi colored Chinese beads, ornaments, and coins. All these offer a lot of jewelry making ideas besides a great amount of knowledge.

Chinese coins beads have gained popularity in the past few years and have become the latest fashion trend among people of all cultures. Chinese coins represent the historical significance of China along with the cultural and societal changes the country has gone through since its prehistoric days till today. These coins are generally made from bronze and have a considerably big square shaped hole in the center. Beadwork with Chinese coins offers a huge scope for experimentation with the designs and arrangement.

Ideally, Chinese coin beads are imitations of original antique Chinese coins. Traditionally, real Chinese coins are made from bronze while the Chinese coin beads get the color of brass to give the similar appearance as that of an original coin. The beads are synthetically antiqued so that they look earthy.

It is not difficult to find authentic Chinese coin beads; however, they will only be available at antique stores while their replicas can be easily bought from any art & craft showroom. There are many ways in which Chinese coin beads could be used such as when connected by jump rings they can be used to hang below bracelets, earrings or as a pendant for a necklace. They can also make beautiful necklaces or bracelets if joined together in a row without any other attachment.

Chinese coin beads generally range between ˝ inches to 1 ˝ inches in diameter depending upon the size of the disc ring. These coins beads offer a great range of sizes and thus make themselves useful for different sorts of beading projects. These can be used in project varying from simple to complex designs such as accents, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. Such beads can also be conveniently used with other stones and materials such as glass, silver, gold, and precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Chinese coin beads are easily available in many gift shops or wholesale jewelry retail shops. However, there are a few things that must be taken into consideration before buying these coins.

Material: As mentioned earlier, these beads are generally made from bronze while some retailer sell cheap beads made from nickel.

Bulk Purchase: These beads must always be bought as wholesale because a bulk dealer would offer great discounts on these expensive antique beads.

Authenticity: There are chances that a wholesale retailer may sometimes try to sell fake imitations of Chinese coin beads. One must be careful to check the coins for authenticity before buying them.

Chinese bead coins are a beautiful and highly innovative creation of mankind. They are not only used for enhancing the appearance of an outfit but are also considered to be good luck charms. This gives one more reason to own some of these stunning beads that are available in some many forms.

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