What Creativity Can Do For Your Life

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Creativity is a wonderful thing! It allows imaginations to soar, ideas to manifest, passions to be lived, houses to become homes, books to be written, songs to be sung or played, discoveries to be made, and so much more.

One of the greatest benefits of being creative is that it can minimize the stress in your life.

Mundane tasks can be more enjoyable; problems can turn into possibilities; inactivity can develop into productivity; boredom can turn into excitement; relationships can be more meaningful, romantic, or playful, and all with just a little use of your imagination.

Take a look around you; everything is inspired by something or someone. Perhaps a thought comes to mind, or someone sees, hears, tastes, touches or smells something, and next thing you know, you are creating something magical on some level.

Everyone is imaginative even if they don't recognize or utilize it, it's there.

Where, or when, do you feel creative? Think of your favourite spot to be in. It could be taking a walk in the forest, or sitting on the beach, or riding your bike, driving your boat or car, or sitting on your couch or chair at home, or resting in meditation.

Maybe you are inspired by reading something, or listening to music, or by something someone says or does something, or by looking at or being in nature; whatever it might be, or wherever that place is, it's available to you.

Take a minute…think about how you feel when you are physically there, or imagining you're there, or doing what inspires you.

Perhaps you experience relaxation, bliss, excitement, solitude, happiness, etc. How can creativity not minimize stress when you are feeling peaceful, joyful, and inspired?

The increasing demands of day to day schedules, or the rushing about here and there, or the restlessness or boredom in life, or the pressures, frustrations, or worries, can leave one feeling unimaginative.

It is from these very situations that inspiration can truly occur. Instead of disliking the way things are, you can use your creativity to shift your mood and often the situation as well.

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "If you don't like how something is, change it". That's not always possible, but what is possible is the creative ability within you and inspiration surrounding you, to change the stressful thoughts and feelings associated with it.

Creative thinking can quickly become clouded over by negative thoughts, word, and/or feelings, and something so simple as an idea can become lost, too complex, or too complicated.

It may feel like your creativity has left the building so to speak, but it hasn't.

When you are being creative, your energy is moving, you are being pro-active and productive, you are feeling inspired, you are making steps forward in situations, and you are transforming the stress.

Don't wait for creativity to knock on your door; open the door for creativity to enter and be willing for it to inspire you.

Become imaginative in your problem solving, in your activities, in your thinking and being at work, and at home.

Switch things up. Dare to be bold. Have fun. Add a little flare and flavour to your days. Let your imagination run wild like the river after a winter's thaw.

Allow your imagination to help you soar through the tensions. Feel your energy expand and your mood shift and be uplifted as your creativity paints a world of difference in your life.

Acknowledge the resources within and surrounding you; the very things you see and use were born from creativity and inspiration.

How are you using your creativity to minimize stress and enhance your life? Or, are you?

These methods will assist you in seeing how your creativity, and utilizing it, can minimize the stress in your life.


Kimberley Cohen is the Founder, Facilitator and Personal Insight Coach
of The Insight Technique. She founded the Insight Technique - Your
Insight to genuine Happiness, Purpose and Prosperity to assist herself
and others in transforming limiting mindsets.

Experience the freedom of unlimited possibilities. http://www.TheInsightTechnique.com

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